Astronomy Cast Ep. 418: Error 418 – I’m a Teapot!

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2 Replies to “Astronomy Cast Ep. 418: Error 418 – I’m a Teapot!”

  1. Dr. Pamela: “All sorts of cultures who had no real contact with each other all looked at Scorpio and said…”

    Smokey: “… It’s Maui’s Fishhook!!! No? Awww…”

  2. Keyword: Filters! I went to the Robert Fergusson Observatory this weekend for their annual ‘yard sale’. I was hoping to get a new 3″ minor diameter secondary mirror for my home made 12 1/2″ f3.6 Newtonian but didn’t ‘score’. Instead I bought a Tele Vue Plossl f7.4mm eyepiece and a Lumicon premium Nebula line transmission filter. Oxygen III 496nm, Oxygen III 501nm, Hydrogen Beta 486nm filter. That night I went ‘up the mountain’ by my house to check them out. The Tele Vue BLEW away all of my Celestron and Meade eyepieces and the filter changed my whirled! That Tele Vue is a quantum leap in quality above.. I’m sold!

    I’ve seen the Cygnus loop before, but only the brighter side without a filter, then I used the ‘new to me’ Tele Vue eyepiece and filter in the focuser and HOLLY GUACAMOLE! I could see the entire S/N remnant AND the secondary clouds within! WHOA! Afterward, I cruised Sag. and viewed some of the delights there.. AWESOME! Like getting a whole new telescope…. YES!
    Bottom line? I paid $100 for both.. online they would have cost $265… I yam a happy camper!

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