Your Photos of the Total Lunar Eclipse

I asked and you delivered. Here is just a fraction of the eclipse photos Universe Today readers sent in. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Up first, here’s a mosaic of six images of the Moon captured by Thomas Jacobs using a 4.5″ reflector from Woodstock, Georgia in the US. The photos were captured through a pretty heavy cloud cover.

Rick Stankiewicz
Rick Stankiewicz captured this photo of the eclipse from Thunder Bay at -24 degrees Celsius. Outside, watching the eclipse for almost 5 hours – now that’s dedication. You can see Saturn and Regulas in the image as well.

John Gianforte
An image of the eclipse captured by John Gianforte at the University of New Hampshire observatory. They had more than 100 people on site, visiting the observatory during the eclipse. And I’m jealous to report… they had perfect weather for viewing.

Edward Willett
Edward Willett captured this image from Regina, Saskatchewan. He says this was the best he could do under the frigid conditions, with a frozen 6-year old tugging at his arm to go back inside, but I think it’s pretty great.

Philip van Heerden
And from South Africa, here’s Philip van Heerden’s photograph, taken near twilight.

Julia Tchervova
Julia Tchervova

Dean and Betty Johnson
Dean and Betty Johnson

6 Replies to “Your Photos of the Total Lunar Eclipse”

  1. These images are outstanding!
    I never tire of seeing images like these.
    Congratulations to all those who had that patience and nerve to withstand the cold to take them.


  2. Fortunately, here in Palm Beach county, the sky stayed cloudless and it was easy to bring out the beach chair out and watch the whole thing on a nice 72F evening. Unfortunately, my cheapy digital camera couldn’t get a decent picture…

  3. Fantastic pix! It was cold, windy and partly cloudy here in NC so after about an hour of watching and slowly turning into a popsicle
    I went inside saying, “Nuts! Too cold. I’ll catch extraordinary shots
    on the Universe Today site tomorrow!”
    Thanks, All …
    I’m thawed out now!

  4. I agree, these are extraordinary pictures!
    This to me is what astronomy’s about – people passionate about the heavens.

  5. wonderful pictures, i love to see a pictures that are about the solar system or universe i love it so much!!! and i wish that i could see in real a solar or lunar eclipse.

    Thanks to all the people that capture this picture!!!
    LoVe It…… :))

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