Send in Your Eclipse Pictures, Tell Your Stories

How was your view of this week’s lunar eclipse? The skies actually opened up here in Vancouver, and we were able to see good portions of the eclipse. The kids were really excited, and got to stay up late watching the eclipse – it was all they were talking about the next day.

So send me your eclipse pictures, and I’ll run a quick gallery. Email them to me at [email protected], and I’ll try to post them in the next few days.

And to tide you over, here’s an image captured by ESA astronomers from Spain.

Post your eclipse stories in the comments below.

4 Replies to “Send in Your Eclipse Pictures, Tell Your Stories”

  1. Success here in Ohio, too… But I almost think it would have been warmer in Antartica observing the annual solar eclipse!

    I am certainly not a good photographer, but I don’t mind sharing. It was so cold, (-13.3C) that I couldn’t hold my hands steady so I tried to balance my camera on top of my car. One of my fingers froze to the roof!

    Now THAT is a good time!

  2. I set up my two telescopes and binoculars at my favorite local spot near Spring Grove, MN at 5 p.m. The Moon rose at 5:28 (the first I could see it) and the Sun set at 5:45. I had my scopes polar aligned at 6:20.

    First umbral contact was 7:40 p.m. Grimaldi was in shadow at 7:45, Copernicus at 8 p.m., Plato at 8:05, Tycho at 8:27, and Mare Crisium was completely in shadow at 8:40. The Moon was in total eclipse at 9 p.m.

    I got observations on Saturn and Mars, (both awesome, Cassini’s Division clear as a bell and Mars showed surface markings at 200X).
    I looked at some old favorites (Orion Nebula, M41 in Canis Major, and the Double Cluster in Perseus) while waiting for some high thin clouds to pass, and then bagged five Binocular Deep Sky Objects (NGC’s 1662, 1807,1817, 1907 and 1893) while the Moon was in total eclipse and just coming out of it.

    The last of the umral shadow left the Moon at 11:10 p.m. Then I packed up and went home.

    It was so cold that my pen wouldn’t work outside for journaling, so I jumped into my van from time to time to write down my observations. Several layers of clothes and two hotpacks in each glove kept me warm.

    The Moon, Saturn and Regulus together in Leo was incredibly beautiful. It was a glorious night for astronomy!

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