Astrosphere for February 19, 2008

It might not look like it, but this photograph is mind-bendingly cool. The bright streak is the path of the International Space Station, and the dimmer one is the US military satellite that’s going to crash back to Earth – both seen passing through the heart of Orion. Good job Autoclub!

Centauri Dreams talks about using the Sun’s gravity as a natural telescope lens. Problem is, you have to get out to 550 AU to make it work.

The Space Review has a great article about people preparing for space tourism. So far, 93% have passed the physical tests.

In the future, solar power will rule!

APOD has a great picture of a recent spacewalk outside Columbus.

NY Times is reporting that NASA thinks it can fix a serious flaw in its Ares rocket design.

Astropixie wants to be Stephen Colbert’s astrophysicist.

And finally, one of the best posts of read in a long time. Phil perfectly explains why science isn’t faith.

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