Astronomy Cast Ep. 409: Spin in the Solar System

The Solar System is a spinny place. Everything’s turning turning. But if you look closely, there are some pretty strange spins going on. Today we talk about how everything started turning, and the factors that still “impact” them today.

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One Reply to “Astronomy Cast Ep. 409: Spin in the Solar System”

  1. oTay then.. where is the podcast? I went to your link “Astronomy Cast Page” and did NOT see the latest/mentioned podcast.

    I don’t know what’s happening at UT, but the webpage seems to be falling apart. It’s hard to make a post because afterwards I always get a message saying that I’ve already sent a message, when I haven’t. The links are clunky.. and now this.

    Word Press seems to be logging me in twice? I log in then can’t make a comment until I reload the page…

    Frazer seems to have made a decision to allow the UT crew to call all the web page operating shots these days. This, in my humble estimation, is a big mistake. Running a webpage by consensus may be alright for Wikipedia(?) but isn’t working here.

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