Astronomy Cast Ep. 408: Universe Cannibalism

We’ve talked about stellar cannibalism and galactic cannibalism, but now it’s time to take this concept to its logical extreme – universe cannibalism. In the multiverse theory of physics we live in just one of a vast range of universes which might interact with each other. Let’s look for the evidence.

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One Reply to “Astronomy Cast Ep. 408: Universe Cannibalism”

  1. If one of my postings, I explained how our Universe could have evolved that explained just about everything we see to include dark matter and dark energy.
    One of the biggest things, we need to explain how Universes are created before we can determine if a collision between Universes are even possible. If the multiverse is continually expanding faster than the speed of light, the even if two universes are created side by side, they will never bump after their initial expansion.

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