Large Hadron Collider Could Create Wormholes: a Gateway for Time Travelers?

As we get closer to the grand opening of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva, Switzerland, it seems the predictions as to what we might get from the high energy particle accelerator are becoming more complex and outlandish. Not only could the LHC generate enough energy to create particles that exist in other dimensions, it may also produce “unparticles“, a possible source for dark matter. Now, the energy may be so focused that even the fabric of space-time may be pulled apart to create a wormhole, not to a different place, but a different time. Also, if there are any time travellers out there, we are most likely to see them in a few weeks…

If you could travel back in time, where would you go? Actually it’s a trick question: you couldn’t travel back in time unless there was a time “machine” already built in the past. The universe’s very first time traveller would therefore only be able to travel back to when the machine he/she was using was built. This is one restriction that puts pay to those romantic ideas that we could travel back in time to see the dinosaurs; there were no time machines back then (that we know of), so nothing to travel back to. And until we create a time machine, we won’t be seeing any travelers any time soon.

However, Prof Irina Aref’eva and Dr Igor Volovich, mathematical physicists at the Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow believe the energies generated by the subatomic collisions in the LHC may be powerful enough to rip space-time itself, spawning wormholes. A wormhole not only has the ability to take a shortcut between two positions in space, it can also take a shortcut between two positions in time. So, the LHC could be the first ever “time machine”, providing future time travelers with a documented time and place where a wormhole “opened up” into our time-line. This year could therefore be “Year Zero”, the base year by which time travel is limited to.

Relativity doesn’t dispute this idea, but the likelihood of a person passing through time is slim-to-impossible when the dimensions of a possible wormhole will be at the sub-atomic level at best and it would only be open for a brief moment. Testing for the presence of a man-made wormhole would be difficult even if we knew what we were looking for (perhaps a small loss in energy during collision, as energy escapes through the wormhole?).

As if that didn’t discourage you from hoping to use wormholes for time travel, Dr Brian Cox of the University of Manchester says: “The energies of billions of cosmic rays that have been hitting the Earth’s atmosphere for five billion years far exceed those we will create at the LHC, so by this logic time travellers should be here already.” As far as we know, they’re not.


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  1. I just had a question. What exactly will happen to said wormhole once it has been opened. You say it will only be open for a brief moment, so are you implying that it will fade out by releasing all its energy?

  2. through reading this it seams that you have come to the conclusion that time travel is possible. i once read a few yrs ago that a woman/man had a close encounter of the third kind and was told by the alien beings that they were actually alot closer than we thought. could it be that those beings (if true) could be human beings from the future born and raised on another planet and have evolved into what they/we will be in the future and they are coming back to us to make sure we are on track or give us advice about interplanetary travel, so we remain to exist on other planets!? it is a theory, and we have learned that in space, nothing is impossible!

  3. Just like children playing with TNT .
    Now a lighter has been found on the play ground . Just a matter of time , the fuse will be lit . We all might wish we could go back in time to put a stop to this union. At least till we know more about what we are playing with.
    1. FACT. No One Really knows what dark matter or energy is , let alone what it does .
    2. FACT. No One Really Knows what a worm hole is , or where it leads .
    This Rip Could be like opening a door we may not want to open , a door that cannot close . We are asking , how to light the fuse.
    and the question really is , Should we ?

  4. “you couldn’t travel back in time unless there was a time “machine” already built in the past.”

    When stated as fact, it’s speculation like in this story that drains neurons of their usefulness. By any chance, was Ian on the committee that shot down the Texas collider that cost more to dismantle than to complete?

  5. Why am i getting sudden visions of Doom in my head?
    In before the demon overlords from Hell come through and attempt to take over the human race.

    I always had an idea that the “aliens” in space ships were probably just people from the future.
    And if they were, then it could prove that time isn’t linear, since coming back (and the spottings) could have had massive effects on the timeline.
    Maybe the people at the LHC should have a radio receiver on their end, just in case someone wants to send a little message through.
    “Hello world”

  6. Oh yes, Mark F., someone said that a UFO space occupant told them we will soon be able to travel in time – why it MUST be true then!

    The gullibility level of people continues to amaze me, to say nothing of the lack of real education.

  7. @korak jumping onto the sneering insult wagon doesn’t do your position much good, either. Just sayin’, because plenty of what we accept as fact today would have been derided in decades past.

  8. Todd – I wasn’t dumping on the possibility that one day we may be able to time travel.

    I was dumping on the fact that someone heard a story about an alien from a UFO telling someone else that we humans are close to being able to time travel.

    I thought that was obvious.

    With attitudes and gullibility like that, we won’t be able to cross the street properly soon enough, to say nothing of time travel.

    And guess what, even if an alien did say we were close to time travel, what good does that do if no details on how to do this were possible. The story merits about as much usefulness if I said some day we are going to send spaceships to the stars. Nice sentiment, but it doesn’t get us there any faster or easier.

  9. Go Korak 12!

    Just wondering, with a name like that, are YOU a space traveler or time traveler? And I was told by an alien zombie’s girlfriend’s locker partner that slushy machines would open a portal to Michael Jackson’s Neverland. I’m proposing we destroy every one of them before we all get sucked in!

  10. Well aliens and time traveling killer androids aside… What about the possibility of the appearance of particles placed inside the LHC from future experiments? That would be proof of time travel. May be messages could be sent in some form of particle Morse Code… As for the world getting sucked into oblivion I highly doubt there is enough energy to create a black hole or something. I’m more afraid of the ITER fusion reactor set to create gas to over 100 million degrees in 2018… Get your sunglasses and marshmallows out!

  11. Edensdoor, I really like the idea of looking for particles in the LHC coming from future experiments! Now just so long as you didn’t get it from Peter K.’s alien zombie’s girlfriend’s locker partner.

    And as for Peter K., no I am not a space or time traveler, nor am I the advance scout for the invasion fleet of the Galactic Empire – I mean, uh, nope, not that.

  12. Hunnter I had that thought as well, that the classic aliens we see, if they even exist could be time travelers from the future;) Creating a black hole in my opinion doesnt sound like a good idea, what if it starts expanding?

  13. Interesting indeed…and while we are at it, why don’t we push this little red button- I mean, I don’t know what it does but I’m sure if anything bad will come of it then little ‘Greys’ will shoot through the wormhole and save us all from ourselves. Testing fate usually works best in action movies only. Good Luck Science…Good Luck to Humanity

  14. by the way…I’d like to know when they plan on throwing the switch as so I could kiss my loved ones just in case…nuff said!

  15. You guys read WAY too much science fiction and not enough science texts.

    Or am I assuming too much in the reading department, period?

  16. To Toby:
    3. FACT: The LHC doesnt have enough power to generate either black hole or wormhole.

    To Korak:
    I totally agree with you. This 100% delusion like finding green bugs on the moon. Honestly speaking, does anyone really expect a 14TeV machine that can do everything?

    I think I’ve read a research paper about the next generation collider, The VLHC which has the power from 100~400 TeV and it’s planned to build around 2020-2050. This is truly the machine we need to create both black hole and wormhole in the lab, and look for other high energy exotic particles in theoretical predictions.

  17. Mark Farnaby Says:
    …it is a theory, and we have learned that in space, nothing is impossible!

    Yes, and we also have learned that, in space, no one can hear you scream.

  18. ok, aliens being the evolved humans from the future is ABSURD! how can someone from the future come to us. If a future human comes to us, than that means we are living in the past. NOT the present that we THINK that we are living in. And if they are from the future than that means that THEY are living in the present because they are our future lol and if they are in the present than that means that THEY THEMSELVES have evolved humans living in their future as well lol LUDACRIS as they may sound. that is what you said.

    and how can an alien from the future come to us any ways? didn’t you say in order for us to go into the past we can only visit a time in period in history where there is a time machine invented. WE HAVE NO MACHINE YET. so how can they visit US????

    think people. a child has more sense…

  19. By the way, the presenter talked about multi dimensional universes and about what an object would look like as it travelled in, through and out of our universe to other universes.

  20. In reference to previous comments about not being able to travel back in time to a period of time with no time machine, wouldn’t it depend on the type of time travel? A “one way fare” version wouldn’t necessarily need to have a time machine on the other end, as a “round trip” version would.

    And Adrian, determining whether or not you or someone else is in the future is all up to perception.

  21. If time travel was possible, than according to einstein we would have to be going the speed of light. then time would seem to stop, although it doesnt actually stop. Time would just seem to stop because you are going the speed of light, not the speed of the universe.
    This reminds me of this one futurama program where the crew “goes faster than the speed of light” by moving the Universe instead of their space-ship.
    Thinking about this, I realized that everything does this and so if you were to to (according to einsteins theory of relativity) go into the past, you would have to go More than Twice the speed of light.

  22. Think about things that happen without reasons . You will find that those are just impossible , not the time travel or alien .
    A wormhole if it exists would be a shortcut from place to place in space . If wormhole could be the way to travel through time , then past and present and future would be together in a same time . Present is result of past , and reason of future . So , imagine how could reason and its result occurs in same time ?
    Because we believe eveything is made of basic particles that have truth of their own , so we have to find what they are and prove them . That means we are trying to find the unique reason for everything . But nothing has just one reason , so we never find out .
    I believe particle is a structure of energy . if LHC use a great deal of energy , maybe we won’t get a wormhole , but instead of that we get a more massive particle which is formed by the energy and Einstein’s EQT : E = mc2 .
    Anyway , I’m a curious person , so I hope LHC will make a wormhole or even a black hole ( I’m not afraid of being eating by it ) , but I don’t believe in time traveling .

  23. I just want to say that EVERYTHING is a theory and NOTHING has ever been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. And anyone who says otherwise is living in a severe state of delusion. So who’s to say what this collider will or won’t accomplish. Nobody will know until it is powered up and then it will be too late if it proves to be a mistake. But the point is, NOBODY knows.

  24. This BS article has attracted BS comments of all nature (including mine of course).

    Most of you guys are not interested in scientific work or useful science results.

    You enjoy drowning in lament, fear and naive dreams.

    So now I know why the web site posts such BS, it is for you the dear readers 😉

  25. In response to the one semi-constructional comment made above, ie. the possible (however unlikely) appearance of `future particles` within the LHC, I wonder how scientists would be able to recognise that such particles were indeed from the future?

  26. Hey Llorac, jump off a building – after all, gravity is just a theory, right? It isn’t certain that you won’t end up a pancake when you reach the ground, right?

    There are some certainties in this world, not the least of which is that sub-educated fools always respond to stories like this with their sub-educated minds.

  27. Am I the only person who isn’t concerned that we could destroy the entire UNIVERSE with what we are doing here? I mean, creating conditions that have not existed since the Big Bang sounds a little DANGEROUS to me.

    This may be the last year of all of our lives!

  28. The idea that the LHC might be able to generate microscopic black holes is a product of scientific theory. The same theories also indicate that such black holes cannot possibly consume and/or destroy the entire universe.

    By nature, black holes are unstable. Even the largest of them will eventually dissipate their mass/energy via Hawking radiation and disappear. Smaller black holes “dissolve” faster, and our theories indicate that microscopic black holes do so in mere fractions of a second. Yes, these are just theories, but they are the same theories that provide for the existence of black holes in the first place.

  29. Jason Kurant, please repeat after me:

    I Am Legend was only a movie.

    I will get some real science books on the subjects of particle accelerators and black holes.

    We’ve had nuclear weapons for 63 years now, and despite the fact that they could have definitely destroyed civilization, we are still standing.

    The LHC will make some amazing new discoveries for physics, but the only thing I hope it will destroy is the type of scientific illiteracy and ignorance I have seen in this thread and elsewhere.

  30. Mark Farnaby, your argument is non-sense. If they were coming from a future where time travel is already possible it would only be possible because we discovered it. So why would they need to come back to see we are in the right track if we already did it in their past with their help!! non sense. Not to talk about that woman encounter.
    Toby: you speak like an inquisitor or something like that. We dont really exactly know how wormholes work or what they are. But there are many in the universe and no deadly aliens are coming through them
    Nicolas G: the existence of this holes if they happen at all would last nano seconds. If wont even be possible to detect them at all in the experiments. Actually, I grant you noone will look for them. The missing energy on the detectors is always explain with partciles that dont leave track like neutrinos or others that we havent yet found.
    korak: hahahaha completely right
    edensdoor: Actually, micro black holes are predicted to be created in LHC. Nothing to be afraid about ITER
    Mega: this kind of very tiny black holes are created and destroyed all time around our planet. As the article well says, the cosmis rays hitting our outside atmosphere create more energetic collision than the one will happen at LHC
    Malcolypse_the_Obsolete: low energy collisions by summer. Full energy by the end of the year.
    3. FACT: The LHC doesnt have enough power to generate either black hole or wormhole–> no trully discarded
    Adrian Shipp 11th grade: you really need to open your mind! xD
    Andrew: what the writer is talking about is a present pushing theory that explains our universe composed by some extra very small dimensions that we havent been able yet to see. Instead of the 4 known (3 spacial + time) we will have extra dimension in each of the space directions, small so that if you will move along it you will end up in the same place 😀 google “String Theory”
    Brian: theoretically you need someone to open a door on the other side. An exit.
    N Stone: we are all traveling in time all time. Our relative times are different. Someone travelling on an ariplane is travelling in time respect to the person waiting at the airport. The difference in times are so small that could only be detected by extremelly precise atomic clocks. However, the more the speed increases the more this time difference can be appreciated so that if you could travel to a very high speed just around the earth and you will come back, you will be actually in the future. We see this happending every day with particles. We just dont have the technology to travel ourselves at that speed. Now, travelling to the PAST, the subject of this article, is a different issue.
    Thanks ED.

  31. @ walzaimer: The LHC doesnt have enough power to generate either black hole or wormhole–> no trully discarded

    Is this a fact ? Or more a statement.
    i cant even proove from a statistical point of view thattomorrow earth will collide with anasteroid. But it is very unlikely given the real facts.

    Hey guys. I am a demon and tell you that LHC is a tool of evil. Apocalypse is coming. Or maybe something even worse we just have not been indoctrinated with yet, so I cant scare you with the stereotype of it .


    No offense menat but you are children that have seen to much lurid discovery channel exaggerations and hollywood pseudoscientific stereotypes about modern particle physics.

  32. hehe

    And I am cathbad the seer.

    [boast on]
    I worked in semiconductor physics and in Ghz appliances, I was marketing manager, sales representative and system admin of complex real time super computers.
    [boats off]

    I dont know anything more than others.
    But I feel that this article is nothing more than BS.
    It collects 2 opinions (not facts) and puts a speculative lurid headline on top.

    So what has that to do with scientific work ?

    And with respect to the context:

    what has it to do with science journalism ?

  33. Yeah, korak, you sure hit the nail on the head with that sub-educated remark. At least you recognize your limitatations. That’s always the first step in overcoming them. There’s hope for you yet.

  34. This is what i think…

    If future dimensions and time are opened up in parrallel with our present dimensions and time then it could posibly create the following conditions:

    1. A transition of our more dense universe into a future less dense universe? (as the universe is expanding)

    2. A coexisting link at the collision from the exact present dimensions and position in existance(from when it occurs) to the exact dimensions and position of existance in a parrallel time(from when it occurs) with the posible opening up of a time where at that new present it is occupied by a star or even a real deep space sized black hole or even a quasar. Then we would be in trouble!

    3. A non-happening effect where the instant in time the link is created, any change in physical existance of the two coexisting times will be evenly spread/distributed by the difference of time that seperates the coexisting times. Which can only be the length of time the colission takes place in?

    it should not be done, the most un….natural thing humans will have done to that day.

  35. The entire universe already Was destroyed… 13.7 billion years ago. That’s why we’re here.


  36. Didn’t someone say the same sort of thing about the atom being split… sure it resulted in nuclear power and medicine and weapons but the universe didn’t come to an end…

    @ Phillip White: that sort of attitude is what brought about the dark ages, as a scientist and a nautrally curious human being it is our right to explore and push the boundaries as long as it is done in a manner generally ethically accepted. As much of this is speculation and hyped up some of the more mundane reports say this thing will do exactly what other colliders do and thats it. It will just give us insight to different types of particles.

    Personally if they did detect objects from the future i would be thrilled but i seriously doubt that will happen.

  37. Sorry Phillip…

    Becuase i don’t know if i will get hit by a bus tomorrow does that mean i should not leave the house?

  38. We are all time travellers. Flowing from the past, through the present, to the future. Like a flowing river current. We are all space travellers. Riding on the space ship earth at huge speeds.

    We may be able to change the rate at which we travel in these flows. Thereby for example slowing down our travel or speeding our travel.

    However its poor logic to believe that we can go back to something that has ceased to exist in our reality or to move forward to something that has yet to happen.

    Time travel will be practical but in terms of changing our individual rates of travel within the flow.

  39. Einstein’s admitted he knew nothing about why time has an arrow and he also admitted he did not know what space itself is. Yet based around his physics the scientific community still makes the mistake of believing that Einstein’s relativity is the last word on time and space.

    It is this poor attitude and closed mindedness that keeps us locked in Earth’s gravity well. Parrot fashion physics of the type taught from the top down in our Universities will never be radical enough to truly understand time and space.

    Einstein has had a good run but now its time to think outside the box. Unless time and space are truly understood gravity will remain our jail keeper.

    The LHC will not discover the Higgs Boson just as LIGO will never detect gravitational radiation, as has been shown by the non detection of gravitational waves from GRB070201, nor will the LHC create a wormhole. Like gravitational radiation, both dark energy and dark matter do not exist. They are only needed to fill the lack of understanding of what we are observing when peering back in time as we look out into the Universe purely because of the physics we presently use to describe spacetime.

    Get real, physics has absolutely no understanding of the origins of space and time, it only has a description of spacetime made a hundred years ago so I wouldn’t worry too much about the LHC if I were you.
    As for time travel, slowing down time is not a problem but going back in time will never happen so it should be left purely to the science fiction writers

  40. We are the aliens and we will be apart of time travel one day. Once we discover what’s beyond the the dimensions that we know of, we will be able to experience time travel. And yes we must take chances if mankind want to go beyond our solar system to find other inhabitable place. If not, our limitation is already set. Who will be the ones who travel, and what if the travel exit to a volital

  41. We are the aliens and we will be apart of time travel one day. Once we discover what’s beyond the the dimensions that we know of, we will be able to experience time travel. And yes we must take chances if mankind want to go beyond our solar system to find other inhabitable place. If not, our limitation is already set. Who will be the ones who travel, and what if the travel exit to a volital time like when earth was just forming or when the sun starts to expand. These are just some of the questions. But it could also lead to Parallel worlds inwhich would be fun to encounter. This is something that we need as a world to see whats beyond!

  42. Welzeimer: “we are all traveling in time all time. Our relative times are different. Someone travelling on an ariplane is travelling in time respect to the person waiting at the airport. The difference in times are so small that could only be detected by extremelly precise atomic clocks. However, the more the speed increases the more this time difference can be appreciated so that if you could travel to a very high speed just around the earth and you will come back, you will be actually in the future.”
    -Time: A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.-
    “apparently irreversible” is to say that it appears to be irriversible and nothing, not even things moving faster than the speed of light could go back in time. Would still just be be very fast and it would just seem to be in the past from the person witnessing it. and say that there was no light anywhere in the universe, What then?
    My point is, Einsteins theory of relativity is not really a theory let alone a fact, but more of a point of veiw. And that is up to you to decide because this theory is really, relative(!) and it will change in relation to everything.

  43. Hey Llorac – thanks for proving to me that your thoughts on this and probably every other subject are worthless.

    Seriously, folks, stop reading SF and go read a book on real physics.

  44. It amazes me, korak, how you never seem to have anything useful or intelligent to say; you just personally attack everyone else who don’t fall down and worship you like the god you deludedly think you are. Grow up, you big baby.

  45. If you actually understood anything I said, you would see I am railing against ignorance in general. Sorry if I don’t sugarcoat it for the wussies of today.

    Go waste someone else’s time with your pseudoscientific ramblings.

  46. why worry about the LHC, when we cannot detect anything unusual in high energy collisons (neutron stars BH etc) and supernovae explosions? We cant even see or detect anything unusual in these instances, and the power of these natural effects are in the order of hundreds of trillions of times more powerful! so the LHC is nothing more than a amoeba fart in a very small glass in comparison, so no green aliens, no bloody wormhole of any discerning worry, no bloody time travel, just a bunch of exotic particles… youre all gonna be soooo disappointed! my 2penny worth!

  47. First of all, the hisggs boson is very inconclusive, because all matter has mass and if you took mass out of an object, it would cease to exist or (1st idea) perhaps become a wormhole, because a wormhole is said to move things instantaniously from one place to another. this effect would be created by zero mass and thus create zero friction (maybe even acceleration). this would move someting through space at an extremely fast rate, and would (accordingto einsteins theory of relativity, speed something into the future
    (2nd idea)If there was a higgs boson (particle that is mass) and it could be seperated from other particles than it would become a black hole, I say this because if an object has zero volume, it would become a singularity and a singularity (or anything) that has only mass would be a black hole(even if it is very small.

    the higgs boson can help discover someting whether it finds what they are looking for or not

  48. Time travel is a subject that has excited me for years and I’d be thrilled if someone obtained objects containing information from the future. But I accept I am unlikely to have personal experiences with physical time travel due to the lack of technology I have available to work with.

    I was however able to travel freely in time during out of body experiences and re-entered younger versions of my body in the past! I even changed events and tried to make my life better. Goodluck with physical time travel…

  49. Hey Paul , that happens to me too ! I revisit my childhood all the time . But I havent thought of it as time travel , I call it Day Dreaming . hehe

  50. Walzaimer , thank you for your comment
    but I dont recall saying anything about ” Deadily Aliens or Demons ” comming through a worm hole .
    I’m so glad you know for a FACT if one is created , being so small , it will close on it’s own .. Or will it ? Please tell me how your so sure of this ? I’m not like you , I learn something new every day .

  51. The writer is blowing smoke up his butt if he thinks we can’t travel back in time. The same statement would be true if someone traveled into the future and there was no time machine.

  52. toby it felt too real to be a dream. When I found myself in a tent at summer camp I certainly wasn’t day dreaming!

    I accept that a lot of people will refuse to believe the experiences I have had are real but that’s not an issue for me.

  53. Paul , I do believe you , when I was much younger , I myself would have dreams of an event and when I woke I would quickly forget the dream I had , till days later , It would be like dejvue ! The event would start to take place , My memory of the dream would come back in perfict detail , I knew just what was about to happen, what other people were going to say and do . It would happen just how I dreamed down to the smallest detail .
    But know that I’m much older I dont have the dream sight anymore . Now its your turn to poke fun at me if you wish , But I think most people set unbreakable limits for themselves , like the FACT we cannot fly … Walk on water…
    Or read other peoples thoughts …
    Yes even travel back & forth in time ….
    OR Can We ??

  54. To Hiro , the non-reader.
    I was commenting on what the main article
    had stated . Did you even read it ? Or were you to busy swating those GREEN bugs from Mars ?
    Not only could the LHC generate enough energy to create particles that exist in other dimensions , it may also produce “unparticles” . a possible source for DARK MATTER. Now ,the energy may be so focused that even the FABRIC of SPACE-TIME may be pulled apart to create a WORMHOLE .This is Word for word from the MAIN article.

  55. Geez, looks like we need to start a “Bad Physics” website and put all these crackpot stories in there.

  56. What was it that convinced their backers to finance this again?

    Oh yeah just trying to confirm a couple of long hair pure science questions.

    Nothing practicle to see here, just move along.
    Move along!

    Yeah,sure. NASA wishes they had those bucks.

    I bet it alchemy they’re after.
    Turn rocks to gold, put the world on a gold standard, and print all they gold they want!

  57. Does anyone else feel something in the air. I can’t really put it into words, but I know others must feel it too. It’s almost like the way my dogs feel before a tornado. Is anyone else feeling this? I wish I could describe it, it is not necessarily bad , but SOMETHING is going to happen. A change , or total shift in the way things are? Please respond

  58. I was also thinking what if the LHC does open another dimension and there is something there? Like what if we alerted something to our presence and it came through because it was curious? What if it is something terrible, like a supervirus. is that possible?

  59. If we can make a wormhole then the people from the time ahead of us would have came here along time ago

  60. I predict that with the opening of the LHC, within the next few years we’re going to see the most important discoveries in history. I’m hoping they discover something key to developing faster than light interstellar travel, maybe a method of opening a wormhole or warping spacetime easily.

  61. oh please people (you must first learn to travel in space ) & i dont mean to the moon.
    people here are very far off from true space travel & if any of you think i am wrong please tell me about any ship or rocket that could fly at speeds & to other planets apart from the moon & mars.
    wormholes nothing so far could travel though one because the ship or rocket would brake up in to little bits,warping my god you must first get a ship to fly at speeds ,(what i am trying to say is the engery out put to get those speeds is not yet been designed & will not be for very long time ,to contain such energy you first need to make a sheild to keep the power with in it,on earth i say only few forms of power could make such energy & i dont mean nuclar power to un stable )even if you work out how to get the power ) you then need a ship with sheilds to protect the outer skin of the ship . so i ask every one be happy traveling on a train or tube ,bus because space travel just to far off for most of you.
    only way travel will come if some one looks out side the normal box of idears

  62. Tavelling to another star is temporally possibe due to time dilation, (ie they don’t die during the trip due to old age) maybe only 6 months pass in their frame of reference to get to the nearest star.

    The difficulty is that mass increases to infinity as one approaches C so the energy required would appear to be impossible to achieve.

    Gravitational fields must be used to bring the distant star to the traveler so that you do not need to travel anywhere near the speed of light if you can create a sufficiently strong directional gravetational field.

    How do you create this field? Converting the energy from a fusion reaction to a gravitiational field must be how they do it but how do you do the energy gravity conversion?

    The energy from Fusion is used to accelerate the craft. Since the mass increases as the craft accelerates the fusion energy is converted to gravitational energy. The craft reaches a sub-C speed whereby the mass is sufficient to create the necessary G to bring the star to the traveler.

    The technology needed is to direct the G field like a laser! I have no clue how they do this but this must be the mechanism for jumping to other stars..

    Frederick Portigal

  63. My concern with the LHC is somewhat philosophical. I don’t trust human nature to make the correct risk free decision when faced with risks of this magnitude. I know enough about statistics to know that any risk, repeated enough times is virtually guaranteed to happen. Once the first risk is taken, then logic says it will be repeated (the next biggest collider, ect).

    I cant wait to see the results tho.

  64. Hello every1.
    I think that hollywood and other b grade science fiction has a large impact on the education here. Think About this and let me know, There is no future, the future is only a tool to diecribe oganised planning. What if we are at the front of our timeline, think about it we plan to do stuff but use objects which are in this time spot to do them, we set tasks aside but do them in order to the plan, we use the lessons learnt to plan better, we learn new things from the now. But people will say if we can see the past, why can’t the future see us as the past and that proves the future exist, true to a piont, to us the future don’t exist, same as to them, but to them the past exist so they see us, I know its hard to place you mind around but just think about it. don’t get blinded about the convention of time as we were brought up to think. Using shoestring theroy its possible to tarvel time, but I think we need to touch the other dimension where time is not linear where we can go sideways then pop back into the oringinal path. Because on the linear path we are restricted to us being at the front always in the timeline. Please give your thoughts

  65. The best thing i can possibly think of with the LHC is with the research in Quantem computers and with the ability of wormholes, we can travel to other palces at the same time. which means with 1 gateway we can travel to multiple pionts. That should cut down on carbon use and make the greenies happy. but also think of travelling to other planets and moons, the cost would be afforable to everyone as that cost of fuel to blast away from earth will no longer be a factor.
    But we have to work out a safe way to travel since its most likely we would be ripped apart once we get close to the event horizon and singalarity. 🙂

  66. Won’t it be funny when the increased gravitational pull resulting from an error in the current theories yanks a few hundred asteroids directly toward Earth? I mean, sure, all humans will increase in weight by an insane amount, but maybe we’ll be alive long enough before the G’s kill us to see the first impact.

  67. First you say that time machines did not exist with the dinosaurs.

    They you say a microscopic wormhole is a time machine and could bring time travelers

    Then you say the very same wormholes are opening all the time from cosmic rays.

    Didn’t they have sunshine when the dinosaurs roamed the earth?

    Make up your mind. Learn logic and reason.
    Start the career at McDonalds which you so richly deserve.

  68. Time travelling isn’t the issue of concern, but the possible creation of gravity that can’t be undone and could lead to the instant destruction of our planet, though not necessarily through asteroids. The LHC is the manifestation of human hybris to date, in that what has been speculated about in a very theoretical way is now being put in practice with a very vague outcome. No scientist is to be taken seriously who claims that the “results” from the LHC are predictable and safe. One night/day the whole population of the earth may be shaken up by the sound of a tremendous rumble, and a minute later our planet will have been swallowed up by what started off as an LHC-made super-gravitational field. No time to even say your last prayer.
    LHC is the worst nightmare the human mind has ever come up with. STOP IT NOW!

  69. “LHC is the worst nightmare the human mind has ever come up with. STOP IT NOW!”

    Oh boy. Listen, when you learned about physics in high school, did it ever occur to you how much energy is in each atom and how many atoms there are in the entire universe, let alone the human body?

    So the energy from millions of protons (parts of an atom), creates “particles” that defies the laws of nature because some dudes in Hawaii said so? How exactly, will these particles obtain energy while not losing it, thus destroying the world?

  70. It is a worry isn’t it.
    end of the world
    all that biz

    Personally, i would like to see all the scientists that dreamt up this idea put into the Hadron Collider, wizzed around and smashed into each other so we can study the effects and if they have a Higgs Boson.
    Same thing isn’t it. We’re just atoms
    Seriously, whatever actualized this idea is a true force of evil.
    My advice is try and grab a hold of something and not let the Gravitational or Quantum Singularity, or White Dwarf, or whatever is created, consume your mass, and get some bloody good sunscreen too!!

  71. I say.. bring on the Hardon Collider. If anything, it will make a hell of an experiment.

    Why are people so afraid of this? Is it really because it creates a so-called risk to the world? Or maybe it’s because people won’t be able to read sci-fi novels anymore without abruptly coming to the realization that what is in their book is real.

    Get off your tawdry asses and stop being babies. Let this thing happen. So what if a black wormhole sucks you in? Are you so sure you’ll die because of it? This Hadron is one of the single greatest scientific achievements in human history.. it could be the closest thing to a time machine we make.

    Let the vastness and enigma of the universe be revealed. Let fabrics be torn. Breathe in the incredible, ominous giant that will soon make his living in the world.

  72. On another note, somebody here mentioned that B-grade sci-fi movies were being used as evidence for a supposed risk to humanity.
    I completely agree.

    No grandiose apocalypse is going to occur; I believe we probably won’t even see anything.

  73. if we do create a time machine, there is nothing to suggest that we have been visited in the future from people in the present?

  74. Well I can see You’re all living in seperate timeslices already. Why not accelerating your paces and zooming out a little. If I assume this correctly progress has already been made just be the mere thought of creation. So just by thinking something up and telling someone who is willing to let his imagination run freely on it You’re snowballing into reality. If that sounds too complicated or like little elves to You obviously You’re not in touch with reality, You’re skimming the surface.

  75. Oh and another laughable idea: We don’t know where we come from so let’s not listen to ideas and just say: We don’t know it so there is nothing there. Assuming this the creation was reduced to these proportions: out of nowhere came chaos which then created matter which in turn became bigger due to the essence of chaos which in turn exploded creating thus a galaxy full of stars. Does that sound better to You then those dilusional creationists? I think the atlantis story as explained by freemasonry is far more accurate, not to be confused with Mister El Ron who clearly thought it to be funny to fool humankind into a new century of chaos. I think Scifi is NOT foolish, just by actually looking at one aspect: the fact that evolution follows fantasy, NEVER the other way around. If fantasy stops, probably time will stop creating permutations altogether.

  76. The LHC will destroy the universe….and pigs can fly.
    Seriously. I’m 17 and i have more common sense than half the people replying to this

  77. i think that the LHC will discover some very surprising things that could revolutionize our everyday lives, but by the time this assimilation occurs we will have forgotten just how/why these advances have occurred. like silicon chips, etc. etc. i only wish that regular people could be this interested in scientific undertakings without all the fear-mongering and fiction…isn’t knowledge about the universe enough? does there have to be u.f.o.’s, time-travelers, and catastrophes added to the mix just so that people will stop watching television and pay attention to what promises to be a truly wonderful experiment?

  78. Time travel is not possible. When bending space-time with a wormhole, even the millisecond it takes to step through the hole would be foreward in time, not backward. You cannot bend space time byond itself. To travel time you’d have to go faster than light, but no matter how fast you are going, light will always pass you at lightspeed, so you will never reach a point where you are going faster than any particular beam of light.
    The flaw in the theory is that if a paticle’s mass increases as it aproaches the speed of light, the particles that makes up light must have infinate mass, hahaha, how did that pass the clever blokes?!?

  79. All things have already occurred. Past, present and future have already happen. Our perception of time is just an illusion created by the brain. We perceive time in the present at the rate of our cognition and comprehension, a rate which is described as, “one second, per second”. However, our sense of time can get distorted. Time flies when your having fun, and seems to crawl when you’re bored. Our sense of time can disappear completely with things like sleeping or deep meditation.

    We only experience the present. We can remember the quantum information from the “past” because the information is stored holographically in our brains — and with proper training — we can receive quantum information from the “future”.

    Time is much like a movie on a DVD. Time is like the movie, our brain is like the DVD player and playing the movie is like our perception of time in the present. The entire movie is already there on the disk, it is not created on-the-fly when we push the Play button. We cannot watch the entire movie all at once because our brains cannot perceive information that fast. To perceive the information, we push Play and watch the movie unfold moment-by-moment at a rate our brains can handle. We can remember what we’ve already seen, and guess what will happen next.

    It has been predicted that the LHC will open a wormhole and will discover time travel. I REALLY hope that it will. Maybe it already has.

  80. I think there are no reason to care about end of the world. The maximum what can happen its complite annihilation of France and Switzerland and global Ice Age after it!

    For security reason I suggest to the civilians in the location of this machine to leave this place at time of experiment, and the people who do this experiments to warn those people before machine start to go on full power – for them to pray!

    And this will never happen, because its stupid as a fact… Live such long time by creating such long history of human race and to reach the final step its destroying of all(except of correcting), for Nova World!??? I think God have a lot of places in hisshe’s hands to create New Worlds, or you think we dont like them because a lot of p0rn in internet!? OK… For example, the God is hate the p0rno, but why he is create them?

    K.O. Have Nice Day, France and Switzerland! 😉

  81. How do we know for a certainty that we have not already created the capability of time traveling? This would not be something that would be broadcasted by the “powers that be”.

  82. For all you “Scientists” out there, all Science started out as Science Fiction. nuff said

  83. now time travel is possible because if you say it is not possible you need to lear science time travel is possible and i will prove it just use the ingredients and it will work learn it do it and then prodictions will appear how do i know you ask i’m a good scientist and time travel is possisble

  84. i would just like to say, i know very little of science. i am 16 and i love the idea of a time travelling “wormhole” it just makes me proud of the advances in the field of scientific advancements. i would like to debate your theorie on having to have a wormhole already in place to travel back to, what if we were able to not only bend the matter of the present but some how manipulate the matter of the past. though i do like the idea of a walk in steel shelled time machine, we all know that is very, very unlikly to happen. if there was a way to send a “code” of sorts to the past then we could open up a wormhole in the past, of course we are a really long way off. i just hope to god this thing works… and we get a moon base

  85. I thought that the “zero point” restriction only applied to the use of a Tippler device as a time machine. Theoretically, of course.

  86. If the world’s going to end, I’d far rather it be caused by us boldly pushing back the boundaries of science than in some lame war, plague, or by us simply drowning in our own garbage. Let ‘er rip, LHC – either show us the dawn of time, or bring about the end of it. I, for one, will be equally pleased by either.

  87. I’ve always been intrigued by things like this, but I hate to say this may very well be bad. Think about it, if the farthest we could go back with this time machine were the moment the machine was turned on, that would mean that anyone or anything could come through and wipe us out. What if in the future AI’s really do attempt to take over like in the movie “Terminator” but after they become self aware, they dont even waste time nuking the people who exist at that time they simply come through this machine in massive numbers and take over at our present time when we are not technologically advanced enough to fight them off? Even our future George W. Bush idiot could try to send our future people through to take advantage of our natural resources that they may not have in the future. Really theres an infinite number of possibilities that I can see happening and I’m willing to bet that whatever does happen is going to happen the very second the machine is activated.

  88. I have time traveled. Twice a year, spring ahead, fall back. But you know it is peculiar, I am still right here in my present. Time is a man made measurement of existence, of being. How can you put a measurement to something that has not existed, like the future? To travel in “time” you would have to travel in the existing presence faster or slower than existence. So shouldn’t we use the term “existence travel (ET)” . Going back in time you existed and going forward in time you did not exist yet. FIRE IT UP. Let’s see if we still exist.

  89. possibilities:
    1. sub atomic particles cannot be further divided. They will collide and fall to the ground(gravity), they will collide and release all that energy(boom), or they will have a near-miss and be deflected, eventually coming to rest.
    2. sub atomic particles can be further divided.
    The division of the atom lead to the Atom Bomb. What would the tremendous amount of energy required to split sub atomic particles lead to? World bomb? Hope they have a large containment field.

  90. Good point Matt,

    The LHC will certainly not destroy the universe!

    But what is of concern is that CERN appears to argue that safety is certain when in fact they do not know this and they have not reasonably and credibly refuted the physicists who challenge safety assumptions.

    CERN states that the fact we are still here proves safety. It does not according to several safety papers refuting CERN’s safety.

    The main issues are two, credible theories predict micro black holes will grow rapidly if created, and slow moving micro black holes have never before been created on Earth.

    (Cosmic ray micro black holes would travel too fast to be captured by Earth, but collider created micro black holes would be created from head on collisions and some would be captured by Earth).

    The biggest issue here may be credibility. Regardless of whether the LHC proves safe or not, we will need to review the arguments CERN made and the alleged misinformation given to other physicists and the media about the credibility and certainty of safety arguments.

    There is still a small chance that CERN will agree to Dr. Plaga’s danger mitigation proposals or that a safety conference will more properly address safety before high energy collisions begin.

    We likely have many months before high energy collisions begin (CERN tends to exaggerate how quickly they can begin collisions).

    Even after high energy collisions begin, it could be many years before we know if we gave Earth a chronic disease.


  91. I could do with a time machine. My life so far has been historically terrible. I need a new life if my new life in Devon doesn’t go well.

  92. I found a wormhole in my garden. It had a worm in it. It seemed to be able to go backwards or forwards, two heads and all that. Just goes to show, wormholes can spawn strange things. Anyway isn’t a Hardon Collider a painful thing to wear?…. ooh….

  93. Although it is extremely unlikely that the LHC could destroy the Earth, I hope it does.

    What better way to die?

    I mean, ever since I was a kid I have hoped that I’d be alive to see the day that the world ends.

    All fantasies and childhood dreams aside, the LHC tests are bound to have some very fantastic results.

    If it doesn’t destroy the Earth, which it almost surely won’t, I hope they observe the Higg’s Boson. Or even better the graviton. Or maybe even expanding strings (for all you string theorists). Oh the possibilities….

    On a different note…not to be the burster of bubbles, but the LHC won’t run at its full 7TeV capacity for a significant amount of time after its “opening.” They’ll start at low-energy levels and work their way up, documenting all events along the way.


  94. I just thought I would share some thoughts. I personally do not buy into the possibility of human life outside of our planet. My views come from a Christian Biblical sense. I do not feel that there is anything as humans that we can do to destroy God’s Earth. I feel we are foolish and vain to think we are powerful enough to undo what God has created. My main concern is what will we be tapping into when and if we become able to start looking into other dimensions? I believe there is a spiritual realm (where angels and demons can be seen) and worry about the dangers of the possibility of being able to see into that realm. I believe we are not able to see this realm for a reason, too intense and not available to us for our own good!! Another thought is that when people die, we become spiritual beings, since our bodies are left behind on this earth, that perhaps the souls/spirits of the deceased may pass through this dimension we cannot see. It kind of makes me think that humans are playing with something that could carry huge consequences. A very scary thought. Just something to ponder…..

  95. @Kristine
    I think we definitely have the capability of destroying “god’s” earth. Just detonate the world’s nuclear arsenal and…yup, that’ll do it.

  96. “I always had an idea that the “aliens” in space ships were probably just people from the future.
    And if they were, then it could prove that time isn’t linear, since coming back (and the spottings) could have had massive effects on the timeline.”

    maybe it did have massive effects on the timeline, and therefore the ufo sightings give us models to build airplanes off of in the future, where we become advanced enough to go back in time and tell ourselves how to do it.

  97. This is just silly. What the hell do these German’s place with such things? Im just getting pissed not to be rude. Just don’t advance on things , you HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOUR DOING. WE HUMANS DON”T KNOW EVERYTHING YET! SCIENCE IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT! JUST LEAVE GOD”S CREATION ALONE!!!!

  98. What did curiosity do for the cat?? Seems like we are opening “Pandoras box” and we may not like what we get from it.
    We dont know everything about the universe and the forces within it so why poke it with a stick?

  99. To Kristin: Quote> “Another thought is that when people die, we become spiritual beings, since our bodies are left behind on this earth, that perhaps the souls/spirits of the deceased may pass through this dimension we cannot see.” End quote.
    If you think that humans turn into anything other than dust perhaps you should re-read your bible.
    As for the LHC, It will still be about a month before both beams are fired. Tomorrow is just a test run.
    They’re firing one way at a time.

  100. Humanity is such a short sighted species. We have to have everything NOW. Rather than wait till we have self sufficient colonies on other planets or conducting the experiment off of Earth or even slowing down and thoroughly studying this before starting we have to roll the dice and gamble the existence of the entire race. Lets not plan for the possibility that the physicists might be wrong because hey, physicists have never been wrong, right?

  101. I would like to see these comments made, based on fact. All this “God’s creation” and “read your bible”. Oh dear.
    There are many books of religion and not one of them makes any hint of truth. I’m not saying that some of it isn’t true but the fact is that these books hre only there so that we don’t run about killing oneanother. Moving on… Kirstin, I’m not sure which cupboard you have been living in since birth (your mother and father banging uglies and not god’s choice, its evolution, thats why you look abit like your mum and a bit like your dad.) but we have enough fire power to blow the planet out of orbit, let alone distroy it. WAKE UP!!!! Lets just see what happens today and over the next few weeks. Look on the plus side, we may not have to worry about the credit crunch again..

  102. they said that today was doomsday. It wasn’t. should not mess with things the worlds not meant to understand.

    anyway I SURVIVED DOOMSDAY! yay me! now where’s that government compensation…

  103. I remember what the man who created the atom bomb said, he felt guilty. I believe that just because we CAN do something- doesnt mean we SHOULD. The people at lhc are brilliant when it comes to physics and stuff, but not very bright at common sense. I would rather play it safe and not regret it than to say “hey lets see if we could…..OH CRAP” i understand that without sacrifice and at least trying new things that we cannot succeed at much. BUT i know that russian roullette is stupid!

  104. it took me some 80 mins to read all that was written.i did not find what i wanted,can somebody please explain about the real purpose LHC was made?

  105. To answer Prateek’s question. Its to see what happened just after “the big bang”

    “We will be able to see deeper into matter than ever before,” said Dr Tara Shears, a particle physicist at the University of Liverpool.

    “We will be looking at what the Universe was made of billionths of a second after the Big Bang. That is amazing, that really is fantastic.”

    The LHC should answer one very simple question: What is mass?

  106. surely with the money it has cost to build the LHC we could have done something alot better like researched incurable illness or made affordable hydro cars.i think theres bigger problems out there that need be honest who actually cares how we came about.i dont.and maybe life is one big cycle.LHC causes a big bang(today or in a couple of years) and we start all over again 13 billion years back.then we evolve and do it all again.ha ha.

  107. “Prateek Bhatia
    it took me some 80 mins to read all that was written.i did not find what i wanted,can somebody please explain about the real purpose LHC was made?”

    Its actually the Stargate project…

  108. I am a Muslim and in our holey book, it says “by the name of allah- didn’t the people whom don’t believe in allah see that the earth and the heaven were one block and then exploded, and we make every alive from the water, and we spread a fixers in the earth (mountains)……”

  109. Prof. Brian Cox, one of the LHC physicists, puts it bluntly: ‘Anyone who thinks that the LHC is going to destroy the world is a twat’.

  110. Whatever the result is, it will be interesting, good or bad. I do hope the positive will come out of this. And even if we find NOTHING, it will be equally interesting because it will show us the power of the universe’s complexity is far beyond what the human race can possibly do in our lifetime.

  111. Maybe if we manage to create a stable black hole, we could use it to dump all of the rubbish humanity creates. Oh btw, afaik black holes absorb energetic matter, so it’s only going to suck us in, not blow us up!
    And we deserve nothing less, being stupid enough to absorb all of the matter created by the media! Has anyone figured out how someone is going to get to the black hole inside that big supercooled chamber?!

  112. PLaying with fire…i h8 how humanity always wants to knowwww things..leave it alone already for GODS SAKE!

  113. we wouldnt be able to create a stable black hole…imposible, And smashing atoms together isnt going to make a difference in our lives..just anohter problem and people getting all paranoid

  114. CERN is all quite new to me, and i find everything that i’m learning lately about space itself to be very fascinating. i now understand why i never put much thought into these matters during my earlier years–my teachers never presented any of it in a way that was meaningful to me. Teachers in public schools and especially private schools are unaware themselves or are too frightened to tell their students to question religion, research its origin, and that space holds the answers to our exsistence. To you all, this may seem quite obvious, but for everyone i know, on average during their so-far life, puts no thought to this kind of “headache.” Seriously i feel like screaming at times; you all may have no idea what it is like to live amongst people who you thought you could talk to about anything, then realizing that you could possibly go to your grave never speaking a word of what you truly believe and also letting those whom you love go to their graves without ever…

  115. In my own little piece of the world, i can’t help but to feel trapped by tradition. A tradition that teaches people to constantly feel guilty for things that they only told are wrong, that teaches people to think about their own pasts and worry about their future, that teaches people to mentally list regrets and lists things that they think they need.

    This society rewards people for their own individual accomplishments instead of what they can contribute to their community. This creates competition, thus never allowing people to unite.
    Please excuse me, but i had to get this out somewhere. Sometimes telling strangers how you feel can be ironically safe.

  116. Is it possible that when we die, our consciousness continue in a life without time and space?
    Do we become aware of our surroundings but cannot function like we did with our bodies?
    Do we become invisible people that cannot move, touch nor communicate?
    So do we have a belief that allow us to function afterward?
    Life before and life afterward is depends on our condition.
    Did grey people develop DNA changes to walk visibly in time and space?
    Do we see them through exposure from their DNA?
    Are we unaware or becoming aware of the bridge between the greys and us could be a possiblility?

  117. LHC——–Has anyone stopped for a monent to ask if “we” should……. not just do it b/c we can. Ponder this for a moment…..all civilazation so far on Earth as we know it has been “cultured” to bring us to the point of using the LHC just for the purpose of ripping a tear in time-space, or another dimension, or planet ect. b/c “others” have in someway destroyed, or their sun/planet is dying, and their looking to move in!!!!!!!!! Some people believe that they are here, and they are taking control. Look

  118. around. Energy futures are the only ones gains capital, metals prices are steadly going up, gold, copper , ores gold at 1200 oz!!! And has anyone noticed GOOGLE stock prices!!!!!!!!!!!! Say WHAT!!!!!!!! One more item…….. LHC cost around 700 million (that’s what their web sites states) the bailout package for mortages was OHH YEAH 700 million?????????? And shortly after the LHC is turned on the entire global market begins to crash????

  119. I JUST HOPE THEY DONT WANT TO USE US AS BATTERIES!!!!!!! NEO MORPHEUS TRINITY SION CIPHER THE TWINS NIOBE (niobium is used in super conductive wires along w/ copper cuprates Pb Sn Al Nb Ti all elements used in search of the philosopher’s stone. Wrap ur mind around this. Anyone else see what I see???????

  120. the possiblity of time travel is a 50/50 chance! we dont know how or why these things happen but they do. people think they know why and how time travel happens but… one really knows. its nature, theres no exsplanation and no real answer to peoples questions. just have faith and let your mind wonder, dont doubt or try to prove some1 wrong….whats the fun in that? just be open to the fact that there is something like that out there and be open to peoples thoughts.

    Love, srp518

  121. OMG!! is this a convention of Startrek-ers, HalfLife-ers, Halo-ers, et cetera, et cetera…. ????

  122. Well, let me put what i think about all these stuffs.

    Frankly speaking I belive gods and devils both where just humans with some extraordinary powers. Those who did goods where called gods and those who did bad where called demons. Most probably due to there such powers they could not live on earth and they live on other planets. They might be aliens only those visited earth on request of ordinary people of earth and demons came to conquer and rule earth… in past..

    now talking about present and future think this also:

    1. if a worm hole is created there might be a possiblity that its opposite of blackhole.. that throws out everything that blackhole eated up.

    2. if its a traveling stuff then it is possibile that other sides good aliens come this side and teach us lots of stuff or bad aliens come and destroy us all.

    3. wormhole can throw the entire galaxy or universe into another dimension which we can not sustain in or time when the universe was being created or is ending and destroy us because we interfered in time.

    4. We are thinking of creating a wormhole but we might actually have one. The BLACK HOLE. its a high energy area where not even light can escape. Isn’t it possible that this Black hole might actually be a time travelling or dimension traveling or universe travellings so called wormhole. It might be possible that this black hole might be suction point and throw out point might be in another time or dimension or universe which just doesn’t have exit point like we do in our solar system.

    So anyone who tried to go through time through this black hole did not get an oppourtunity to return back and tell us about it because there is no exit gate at the other end. Just an income gate no exit gate.

    And no one from other place could come here because our solar system just have an exit gate but no entry gate.

    5. Cant it be possible that all these stuffs about time dimensions and other universe is just fake or just our imagination. and we are the only one alive.

    6. It is also possible the experiment being conducted in LHC can create such an energy and grow in such a way that can be so powerful it can even end the whole world or start another world.

    7. Humans are so much intelligent that they can create life which is not suppose to be there or even destroy life. But subsequently dumb enough to do so to.

    anyone who want to comment can email be back on [email protected]

    please no junks or spammers.

  123. where from have we come?if we try to find the answer,our jorney ends at the Big-Bang.But how the bigbang was initiated?if GOD has done it with his supernatural power then where from he got the power?The ultimate answer is that energy can be created and I am sure that one day we will be able to creat energy.But we have to wait for the greatest scientist,may be for months,years or centuries.

  124. You are not crazy, and the collider won’t make a black hole. A black hole is caused by a fucking star collapsing, and its size is astronomical. You need fusion, and a vast source of energy to fuel the reaction (e.g. A MASSIVE STAR). This experiment will just gain knowledge and insight, as long as science has existed their are people who will try and use ignorance to prevent advancing the human race.
    – J
    Student in discipline of BioChemistry

    P.S. yes I have taken physics, both intro and adcanced and understand string theory at a more than basic level

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