Astrosphere for February 6, 2008

Your image for the day is a montage of the Solar System (well, the Sun and 3 planets) captured by Rumples Riot in the forum. This is really cool. Does anyone have a more complete montage they’ve photographed?

Science journalist Will Gater has updated his website with a brand new blog and an RSS feed. His latest post, about the density of Mercury is pretty great too.

And while I’m mentioning new blogs, check out Starts With a Bang! by astrophysicist Ethan Seigel. I had a chance to meet Ethan at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Austin and he’s a great guy – and his blog is awesome. Here’s a sample post about the difference between centripetal and centrifugal force.

Becky spots a weather balloon floating over New Mexico. It’s easy to see how someone might think that’s a UFO.

APOD has a great photograph of the Sun. What is this Sun thing they’re talking about? We’ve still got clouds and more clouds here in Vancouver.

Keith Cowing at NASA Watch wonders who whines for Mars.

And finally, Astroprof looks at the Moon’s southern pole. A nice place to visit?

Do you have a space/astronomy blog? Let me know and I’ll subscribe to your news feed. Write something cool and I’ll link to it.

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  1. Wow. It is sure nice, but it is also very odd since I just completed my montage of all the planets today. I will post it if the publisher I sent it to elects not to use it. [Odds favor you will see it. :)] The images come mainly from Hubble site. The purpose of the work is to depict all the natural colors of all the planets and one conspicuous, but highly misrepresented, object….the Sun.

    The Kinda Bad Heliochromologist

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