Astrosphere for February 5, 2008

Here’s a beautiful picture of star trails above Costa Rica captured by Tim S. Jones. Doesn’t it look like it’s raining stars?

Centauri Dreams searches for a double sunrise.

It’s boring work, but somebody’s got to do it. The Planetary Society Blog analyzes what’s good and bad in the new 2009 NASA budget. Alan Boyle calls it a comeback for big science. Yes, I’m putting off writing an article of my own. Can’t… stay… awake.

Remember Asteroid 2007 WD5? That was the one that might have hit Mars in late January, 2008. Maybe it hit, maybe it didn’t… I guess we’ll never know.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if dark matter and dark energy were the same thing? Then I could just call it dark manergy, or maybe dark eneratter.

CNN has joined the science/technology blog space with their new blog… SciTechBlog. Hey CNN, don’t forget to link over here once in a while.

Pamela reports on an interesting discovery about the multiple sources for gamma ray bursts.

Chris Lintott is back in Hawaii, trying to make his way up to the snowy summit to play with telescopes, but nature is denying entry.

Finally, the folks at Astronomy Magazine have reviewed Universe Today writer Tammy Plotner’s new book, the Night Sky Companion.

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