Astrosphere for January 30, 2008

Your space photo for today is Saturn, captured by Mike Salway.

In his Cosmic Log, Alan Boyle talks about the state of science in the US after the recent State of the Union speech.

Phil debunks another Moon hoax claim.

Astronomy Picture of the Day has the closest photos of Asteroid 2007 TU24 during its recent flyby.

Ars Technica reports on a new video game based on Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. has the news of John Benac’s attempts to get space exploration policies at the forefront of the new election campaign.

For you southern hemispheroids, the February edition of the Southern Skywatch is up. Thanks to Ian Musgrave for the link.

Future astronauts are going to need to drink, so Colony Worlds has the solution.