Astrosphere for January 22, 2008

The Lunar News Network is concerned about the potentially faltering plans to return to the Moon, and has some suggestions if you want to take action.

Chris Lintott wonders if the United Kingdom should contribute to the International Space Station.

Centauri Dreams discusses how long it takes Earth to recover from extinction events.

A Mars Odyssey reports on a booming business, in moon dirt.

Have there been UFOs over Texas? I was just in Texas, and would have loved to see UFOs. Anyway, back to the question… no. No aliens. Astroprof gives a much more detailed answer.

Instead of the Moon, some space enthusiasts are suggesting we visit asteroids instead. Personally, I like both ideas.

This isn’t exactly space, but it’s so well written that I couldn’t resist. Pamela Gay talks about the digital divide, and how she’s greeted with blank stares when she talks technology with others.

Phil hits the pseudoscientists with a one-two punch. No, asteroid 2007 TU24 isn’t going to hit the Earth. And no, that’s not bigfoot on the surface of Mars.

Pop quiz. Mercury or the Moon, which is which?

3 Replies to “Astrosphere for January 22, 2008”

  1. These are all interesting and valid topics. I believe in free speech, but there is a place for everything. A website, dedicated to news on astronomy in the universe, isn’t the best place to be “advertising” candidates for the upcoming United States elections. Newspapers, or CNN commercials is a far better place for this. I can’t speak for all the people who use this site, but I come here to partially escape the barrage of election commercials.

  2. the united states appears poised on the brink of a possible recession and is currently bleeding money out of almost every orifice to help pay for the war.
    with the exception of people like us, there would not be much public support for these types of projects at the current time.

    nasa is always one of the first to suffer when times get tough.

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