Reader Meetup: January 8, 2008 in Austin

Article written: 2 Jan , 2008
Updated: 26 Dec , 2015

Phil mentioned it on Bad Astronomy, Pamela dropped a note on Star Stryder, we chatted about it on Astronomy Cast. And here’s Universe Today’s compelling coverage…

I’m going to be in Austin for the Winter Meeting of the American Astronomical Society. In addition to all the news journalism, we thought we’d get some socializing done too. 🙂

Phil, Pamela, Rebecca, and I will be hosting a reader/listener meetup at the Iron Cactus in downtown Austin on January 8th at 8:00pm. Here’s a link that gives you directions from the Austin convention centre to the Iron Cactus.

If you’re going to be coming, can you drop me an email and let me know so we can gauge how many people might be there.

I look forward to meeting you all.

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  1. Mike McCants says

    Your directions are incorrect. The Austin Convention Center is 500 East Cesar Chavez. Your direction use West, not East. So your directions make it seem much farther than it really is.

  2. Member
  3. Steve P. says

    Shoot! Guess I should change it on the BAUT forum then…

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