Podcast: Building a Career in Astronomy

With all the enthusiasm that’s being generated with astronomy, it’s had a bit of a strange side-effect. We’ve been causing some of our listeners to have midlife crises about their careers. We’ve had other people who just want advice – they’re moving into college for the first time and they want to direct the courses they’re going to be taking into astronomy. Some other people already have skills that are very useful and have wondered how they can help up or even change their career to be working in the field. We thought we’d try and answer everyone’s questions all at once and just run through the major career paths you can take that relate to astronomy and space, and the kinds of things you’ll need to do to actually make yourself a good candidate for that field.

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Building a Career in Astronomy – Show notes and transcript

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  1. i remember when i was a teenager i tried to volunteer at the local observatory. i was willing to do anything to be able to work there. they told me to get lost. that was my first experience with some of the types of people who work in the field. fortunately, my interest was such that rude treatment wasn’t going to deter me. i wonder how many kids’ dreams have been crushed by such people.

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