Astrosphere for December 18, 2007

Your astrophoto of the day is another image of Comet Holmes, captured by John Chumack.
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific has made a series of astronomy lectures available for podcast and download. There are some really cool speakers in there, like Dr. Frank Drake (SETI Institute): “Estimating the Chances of Life Out There”.

Sean from Visual Astronomy let me know about his new blog. And so now you know too.

Maybe the space shuttle won’t be ending flights so soon after all.

Did you ever wonder how astronauts do their laundry in space? Pamela has the answer.

And if you want to actually see the space station with your own eyes, it’s getting brighter with every mission. Visual Astronomy has some suggestions to find it.

Dwayne Day has a great article on the Space Review about his experience at a Richard Hoagland press conference. I highly suggest you read it; it’s comedy gold.

Did Uranus and Neptune switch places?

And finally, here are two great lists of the top astrophotos in 2007, from Bad Astronomy and Astronomy Picture of the Day.