Astrosphere for December 12, 2007

Welcome back to the Astrosphere. Your photograph for today is Eta Carina by winensky. Can you see the dancing lady on the right? I can actually see this one.

Yikes, this giant spider will destroy us all.

Futurismic talks about the future of telescopes, looking right back to the first moments after the dark ages.

For all you Americans wondering who to vote for, ATW Space is keeping careful track of the candidates’ policies on space exploration.

Dynamics of Cats responds to a student looking for advice about grad school.

Celestial Journeys always has cool hand-drawn images of astronomical objects – this gives you a really good idea about what you’d see if you actually looked through the eyepiece of a telescope. No CCDs here. Check out Comet Holmes.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke celebrates his 90th birthday on Sunday, December 16th.

Astronomy Picture of the Day has an image of our cosmic neighbourhood of galaxy clusters.