Astrosphere for November 28th, 2007

For your space photo, here’s a cool image captured by Gob332. It’s some star trails behind the branch of a tree.

The New York Times has a fascinating look at the space game Eve: Online. When I get tired of World of Warcraft, I’m sure I’ll give this a look.

Why explore space
? The Bad Astronomer tells you why. Oh, and he’s also giving away a book.

When there’s private space travel, there’ll be space travel agents.

Remember that cool exoskeleton in Aliens? Reality is catching up fast.

Solar? Bio-fuel? Old technology ideas. Check out these cutting edge alternative energy concepts.

Pamela continues to debunk the speculative stories coming out of New Scientist. This time, that there’s an alternative universe poking through a void in space.

Chair Force Engineer shares his list of technologies that need to be developed for a spacefaring society.