Astrosphere for November 27th, 2007

First, let me direct your attention to the 30th Carnival of Space, hosted by Bad Astronomy. I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but the Carnival is a great way to increase exposure to your website or blog. If you want more readers, join the carnival.

My absolute favourite television show, Futurama, has a new DVD coming out called Bender’s Big Score. If you like the show, give it some support and buy a DVD. You can find out more here from the official website.

Centauri Dreams talks about the past and future of solar sail technology.

Astronomy Picture of the Day has this image of the International Space Station over the Ionian Sea. Just think what it took to capture that image.

Colony Worlds reports on a new technology that could give solar energy the ability to keep on providing power, right through the night.

Astroprof offers you an easy way to find Mars; just look for the Moon. The two objects are close together right now, and easy to find.

Pamela Gay debunks the recent news that observing the Universe will hasten its demise.