Astrosphere for November 5th, 2007

First the photo. Take a careful look, and you’ll see that Comet Holmes has a tail now. Thanks to RickJ for the amazing photo.

Emily at the Planetary Society Blog has dug up some cool videos of Saturn’s moons.

X-Prize founder, Peter Diamandis speaks with Popular Science about the future of the X-Prize Cup.

Colony Worlds has an interesting story about a group of angel investors coming together to pour money into clever ideas for space exploration.
First the picture. Comet Holmes has got a tail! It’s not much of a tail, but it’s there… Thanks to RickJ for the photo.

Astronomers thought that 10% of the Universe was missing. Oh wait, it’s been found.

The 2007 Weblog award nominations have been announced. Once again, Bad Astronomy has been nominated for the best science blog, as well as several others. Vote early, vote often.

Scientific American’s 60 Second Science has gotten so popular, all on its own, they’ve decided to give it a website.