Astrosphere for October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween everyone. First up, enjoy a triple view of Comet Holmes, captured by ngc3314.

Of course, Halloween is an excuse to write spooky flavoured press releases. Here’s one from NASA’s Cassini mission about the spooky sounds of the Saturnian system. And this chilling tale of a meteorite… IT Came From Vesta. Astronomy Picture of the Day focuses on the “Ghost Head Nebula“. Cosmic Log’s Alan Boyle looks at the science of spooks. And finally, Phil Plait has a terrifying image of, of… well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Thomas Marquart from Apparent Brightness suggests a trick you can use to pare down your RSS feeds to just get the ones you want. I actually do this to just focus on space-related news.

Have you noticed a bright star in the mornings? That’s not a star, that’s Venus.

Centauri Dreams reconsiders Gliese 581. It’s looking less and less Earthlike every day.