Astrosphere for October 28th, 2007

Article written: 28 Oct , 2007
Updated: 26 Dec , 2015

I hope you’re all enjoying this lazy Sunday. Sorry for the lack of updates, things have been busy for me. Of course, you’ll be wanting an image of Comet Holmes. This one was captured by Phil22 from the forum, but there are lots more there, so check them all out.

Lots of people are talking about Comet 17P/Holmes. Astroprof captured an image of the comet above his house. And here’s an image captured by Steve Tuttle. And here’s a cool series showing its evolution from Slacker Astronomy. And another nice one from Tom’s Astronomy Blog. And finally, here’s a sketch made by Bill Greer.

And everyone else is out at the X-Prize Cup. Jeff Foust uploaded a bunch of images. And here’s a video of Armadillo Aerospace’s unsuccessful attempt to win the first lunar prize. And here’s some coverage from Alan Boyle’s Cosmic Log. Finally, here’s Wired Science’s excellent coverage. Orbital Outfitters showed off their new prototype commercial pilot spacesuit.

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