See the Brightest Comet in 30 Years

Comet McNaught by Frogesque (from the forum)Bad Astronomer Phil Plait is raving about it, our forum is buzzing about it, and there seem to be stories and photographs and popping up everywhere. One of the brightest comets we’ve seen in decades is blazing across the night sky, but you’ve got to move fast if you want to see it.

Comet McNaught is making its way towards the Sun. Within a few days it’ll get caught up in the glare of the Sun, and might not look as good when it reappears.

Here’s what you need to do. As soon as the Sun sets, head out to an area that gives you a clear view to the West. The first star you see will be Venus. Now look down and to the right, and you should see the head of Comet McNaught almost as bright, but more diffuse. As it gets darker you should also be able to see the tail stretching up behind.

You don’t have long before the comet goes below the horizon, so don’t wait until it’s dark, go early. Drop me an email and let me know how it went for you. Oh… and send me pictures.

Thanks to Frogesque from the Bad Astronomy Universe Today Forum for the photograph.