Astronomy Cast Ep. 371: The Eddington Eclipse Experiment

At the turn of the 20th Century, Einstein’s theory of relativity stunned the physics world, but the experimental evidence needed to be found. And so, in 1919, another respected astronomer, Arthur Eddington, observed the deflection of stars by the gravity of the Sun during a solar eclipse. Here’s the story of that famous experiment.

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2 Replies to “Astronomy Cast Ep. 371: The Eddington Eclipse Experiment”

  1. Would Pamela please demonstrate that “double bed of nails” with the sledgehammer experiment herself online? Might make a great show. Watching some action live as the police arrests poor Fraser, suspected for being involved in the instigation of murder.

    And we Europeans don’t say “thousand million”. We say ten ten ten ten ten ten ten and so on. Because we only have that many fingers and we’re a bit daft over here. It’s not as if we invented English, for sure you did that yourself in Canada. Is this becoming a comedy show?

  2. “Einstein was right!”
    “Einstein was probably one of them!”

    – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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