Astrosphere for October 12th, 2008

We’re rapidly approaching Mars, so it’s only appropriate to make that the astrophoto of the day. This image was captured by Kyle Edwards.

First, let me draw your attention to the Carnival of Space. This week it’s being held at Space for Commerce. No entry from me this week. I really need to get more organized about that.

From HobbySpace we learn that NASA is restarting its suborbital rocket and balloon programs. These are surprisingly cost-effective ways to gather science.

Remember that X-Wing model that came apart on launch? Here’s a theory about what might have brought it down.

Look out Moon, here comes another mission. This time, from China.

When Cassini’s mission comes to an end, it’ll probably be dropped down into Saturn to gather some final science. If you think the loonies are going to predict that this will somehow ignite Saturn, you don’t need to wait. They already think this.