First Pictures From Kaguya

The Japanese space agency JAXA has confirmed that their lunar orbiter Kaguya (aka Selene) is now firmly in orbit around the Moon. That was quick. The agency released this image captured by Kaguya’s high-gain antenna motor camera showing its new home.

The spacecraft isn’t due to take photographs with its full suite of scientific instruments until it reaches its final science orbit later this month. This image was captured by the antenna motor, which just happens to have a view of the Moon in the background. Don’t worry, the images are going to get much, much better.

By the time Kaguya is in its final science orbit, it will be able to capture images of the lunar surface at a resolution of 1-metre. It will also be recording high-definition television images of the surface, which should look just amazing in the eventual documentaries.

Original Source: JAXA News Release