Astronomy Cast Ep. 366: HARPS Spectrograph

Almost all the planet hunting has been done from space. But there’s a new instrument installed on the European Southern Observatory’s 3.6 meter telescope called the High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher which has already turned up 130 planets. Is this the future? Searching for planets from the ground?

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2 Replies to “Astronomy Cast Ep. 366: HARPS Spectrograph”

  1. Pamela might ‘like’ to have snow(I’m from New England too, so I get the nostaglia) but we here in California actually NEED the snow that my aunt in Connecticut is complaining about.

  2. Pamela Gay: “…Telescopes like the VLT can actually get resolutions like Hubble’s from the ground, but the issue starts to become, is all of the light precisely in phase when it hits the detector….”

    So what you’re saying is, noise-cancelling headphones = GOOD, but “noise-cancelling” telescopes, not so much? =D

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