Astrosphere for October 2, 2007

Today’s astrophoto was captured by Mike Salway. It’s the Milky Way. Wow.

Here’s a new blog that I’m watching: Black Holes and Astro Stuff. In other words, space bloggers are contacting me, and letting me know they exist. And you should do the same. Email me at [email protected]. That way I can help you out and raise awareness of your hard work.

Personal Spaceflight has an interesting story about the trials and tribulations Anousheh Ansari went through to become a space tourist.

Pamela looks at a group of galaxies called Seyfert’s Sextet. It looks like an important stage in galaxy evolution.

CNet has this interview with X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis.

My blogging comrades over at Wired News have wrapped up a contest for people to choose a new tagline for NASA. I won’t spoil it for you, check out the top entries.

Phil finds a garden shaped like a galaxy.

The 2007 Spaceward Games are just two weeks away.

And finally, a community of space enthusiasts are building a fictional galaxy, star by star, planet by planet. It’s called the Galaxiki, and it’s one of those wiki things, where the public is able to freely edit it.