Astrosphere for September 28th, 2007

Today’s space photo was captured by Phil22. I don’t I have to tell you that it’s the Horsehead Nebula.

First some sad news. The life of a young space blogger was ended in a motorcycle accident a couple of days ago. Matt Bowes was the mind behind Space Liberates Us!; an extremely well-written blog. Matt’s blog was one of the ones I was following every day, and I had no idea he was only 19. The obituary is here. Thanks to Clark, Keith and Rand for the heads up on this.

He’s both a rocket scientist and an astronaut. MIT Technology review has an interview with Franklin Chang Diaz discussing his plasma rocket research.

The launch of Dawn brings another ion engine into space. Centauri Dreams wonders when we’ll see solar sails propel a spacecraft.

If you listen to the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, you’ll be pleased to hear that Skepchick Rebecca Watson has won a fierce competition to get her own public radio show. If you need a guest Rebecca… call me. 😉

Do you have a space-related blog? Email me your URL, and I’ll start watching you. Write something interesting, and I’ll link to it.