Astrosphere for September 27th, 2007

Today’s space photo was captured RickJ. He says it’s a photograph of a pelican, but I think he’s talking about the nebular variety.

The Carnival of Space continues. Wandering Space has the 22nd iteration of this wonderful collection of links.

Well now, this is just cool. ESA has instructions so you can make your own Hipparcos star globe. It looks like a 20-sided die (come on, can I get some D&D love here?) which you print out on your printer and then cut and glue together. It has all the constellations and the Milky Way on it. Lucky I just bought a colour laser printer.

Here’s a cool picture of Canada’s northernmost lake at Livescience, and a description of the changes happening from global warming.

The 50th anniversary of Sputnik’s launch is coming up. What are you doing to celebrate? The Rocketry Blog has 10 good ideas.

How much will it cost to go back to the Moon? Not a trillion dollars, that’s for sure. Space Politics deals with misinformation about the costs of space exploration.

Most scientists think water on Earth came from cometary bombardment. But there’s another theory that elemental hydrogen in the atmosphere combined with oxygen in rocks to create the oceans. Quasar9 has the story.

Do you have a space-related blog? Email me your URL, and I’ll start watching you. Write something interesting, and I’ll link to it.