Astrosphere for September 26th, 2007

Here’s your nice space photo for the day. You might not be aware, but when Venus is at its closest and brightest, it actually looks like a crescent. Here’s a photo captured two days ago by John Chumack.

Got some money to burn? is reporting that a large metal meteorite is up for sale.

Cosmic Variance has some good advice to would-be graduate students. Here’s how to survive and thrive that grueling educational period.

Popular Mechanics is reporting on a new proposal from Boeing to put a gas station in space. It could make getting to the Moon much easier.

I love this blog. Aerospace worker Damaris B. Sarria really really wants to be an astronaut. Her blog chronicles her journey. And look at this, NASA just opened up applications for more astronauts.

You remember Wolf 359. Come on Star Trek geeks. It’s actually a really close star that you can find in the night sky. Astroprof shows you how.