Astrosphere for September 21st, 2007

Hi there, happy equinox tomorrow. Today’s astrophoto was captured by ShevillWMathers. It’s an image of the recent total lunar eclipse – which was clouded out for me. 🙁

First, I’d like to note that the 21st Carnival of Space has gone live over at its original home, Henry Cate’s blog. Henry founded the Carnival of Space, and we’re all grateful for his efforts to keep this organized. Thanks Henry! Speaking of organized, I wasn’t organized enough to get a contribution in.

Astronomy Magazine has a blog. And in this blog, they cover some recent comments by NASA Administrator Mike Griffin about how the US will probably lose the race to return to the Moon. I’m going to daydream about Canadian gumboots making the first steps, but I suspect that’s just wishful thinking.

Frontier Channel reviews the Bionic Woman TV show.

Angela Gunn saw “In the Shadow of the Moon”, and here’s what she thought. New Scientists has a review too.

Dr. Pamela Gay covers research about echoes of radiation from quasars being used to study the centres of distant galaxies.

Space Law Probe discusses the latest in getting electricity from space.

One final note, did anyone catch Seeing in the Dark on PBS? I’ve got it sitting on my PVR. Let me know what you thought.