Astrosphere for September 18th, 2007

Well, I’m officially jealous. Space blogger Keith Cowing recently got a chance to fly on the Zero Gravity Corporation’s G Force One and experience weightlessness. Tell me that doesn’t look like fun.

My good friends over at Earth & Sky are going to be launching a Spanish-language version of their popular astronomy podcast, funded by the National Science Foundation. They’re planning to produce 600 one-minute science radio spots in Spanish over the next three years. It’s going to be called Cielo y Tierra, which, uh, makes sense.

A big thanks to the History Channel, and its show, “The Universe“. They sponsored Universe Today and Astronomy Cast over the summer. The last episode has aired, so they’re moving on. Hey, that means there’s a sponsorship opportunity available in Astronomy Cast. If you’re interested in sponsoring Astronomy Cast, we now get about 180,000 shows downloaded every month.