Astrosphere for September 17, 2007

I’ve got a whole collection of interesting and unusual resources for you to enjoy today:

Remember Cassini’s visit to Iapetus? I know, I’m getting a little obsessed by it. Well, here’s another, more famous person who’s also excited by the arrival: Arthur C. Clarke. Here’s a video introduction that he recorded for NASA to celebrate the flyby.

More news from NASA. A new digital 3D film recently opening up at the Boston Museum of Science in the first week of September called “3D Sun”. Remember that really video of the Sun that STEREO captured? Well, imagine that, but on the big screen… in 3D!

Scientific American has a couple of new articles in the October issue about NASA’s return to the Moon, and the exploration of space. Here’s one entitled: To the Moon and Beyond, and a second called Five Essential Things to Do in Space.

And Popular Mechanics has gone absolutely bonkers for space. They put together a massive amount of articles, graphics and information for their Future of Space issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sputnik. For example, they list every mission launched… ever. All 6,039 of them. Kudos to PM on this one.

I know this isn’t exactly space-related, but Phil over at Bad Astronomy talks about his eye opening experiences running a space-related blog, and how it relates to publishing in the old world. It’s the evolution of a revolution. I couldn’t agree more.