Carnival of Space #19

It’s my turn to host the Carnival of Space again. This time we’re up to mighty 19! These carnivals grow up so fast.

First up, Advancednano considers a recent study suggesting how an Orion spacecraft could refuel itself in midflight, and then suggests a better way. Here’s a hint: there’s nanotechnology involved.

Speaking of Orion, it’s a constellation too. And Orion and Beyond is a blog. And on this blog, Tommy Smith suggests how you can enjoy stargazing with the kids.

Emily Lakdawalla from the Planetary Society stitches together 11 images of Rhea taken by Cassini, and explains how you can follow along on your own.

A Babe in the Universe, Louise Riofrio recently attended the Mars Society conference in Los Angeles and reports on what happened. I wish I could have gone.

Which worlds should we colonize first? Darnell Clayton has a few suggestions.

Cumbrian Sky has this report on how we’re being bombarded by amazing and stunning images from space probes and telescopes. But which ones can live on and become classics?

And finally, for my own humble offering, might I suggest this recent article by Universe Today contributor Nancy Atkinson. It’s called A Submarine for Europa, and suggests undersea vehicles that could explore this ice-covered moon.