Bringing You There: Intense Sound of Delta IV Heavy Orion EFT-1 Launch

Have you ever wondered what 51 million horsepower sounds like from 3 miles away? This past Friday, a Delta IV Heavy launched Orion spacecraft on the EFT-1 Test flight. The rocket weighed 1.6 million pounds at liftoff, produced close to 2 million pounds of thrust and consumed propellants at a rate of about 3 tons per second. Videographers David Gonzales and Kyle Johnson shot this film using 2 video cameras and a dedicated stereo high quality recorder to capture the ascent and thunder for Universe Today.

As the Delta IV Heavy ascended, the hydrogen and oxygen fuel combined to form water vapor which condensed into a cloud that evolved and took shape after liftoff.

5 Replies to “Bringing You There: Intense Sound of Delta IV Heavy Orion EFT-1 Launch”

  1. THANK YOU for the audio recording of this launch! Since I couldn’t be there in person, I appreciate your providing a vicarious ‘ride along’… NICE! Shake it up!

    1. Just watched yours with earphones on. Awesome how long you can hear the rumbling of this machine.

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