Astrosphere for September 7th, 2007

Today’s astrophoto is brought to you by Bokmakierie. It’s an image of the Alpine Valley on the Moon. You’ll want to click the image to enlarge it and read the text. Bokmakierie compares this image with one taken by ESA’s SMART-1 at only 6,000 km altitude above the surface.

I think this is a really fascinating article at the Christian Science Monitor. Scientists have figured out a way to search for hurricanes in the past – looking for ash from ancient wildfires. When a hurricane strikes, it knocks down lots of trees, and this creates a greater risk for wildfires.

When she’s not writing for Universe Today, Nancy Atkinson has been busy with other freelance activities. Check out this new magazine called Space Lifestyle, where Nancy profiles our good friend Phil Plait. With extra quotiness from me.

I love it when people come together to organize and create cool content. Here’s a website called The Moon Wiki. Volunteers are cataloging every single crater and feature on the Moon, and linking it to photographs. They still need help, so check it out.