Astrosphere for August 17, 2007

Welcome back to your friendly astrosphere.

This week, the photograph is of the Swan nebula, captured by seeker372011. It was made using an ED80 telescope on a CG5 mount. A Canon 300D DSLR camera. It’s a composite picture taken over the course of 190 minutes, shot over two Saturday nights in August.

And for the stories…

If you’ve got an old satellite dish, you could turn it into a garden gazebo, like these guys. Thanks to Really Rocket Science for the tip.

Did you know the rabbit fence in Australia is actually affecting its climate? Check out this New York Times article for the details. Thanks to Earth & Sky Blogs for the tip.

Spaceref has news that the National Academy of Sciences will be looking 50 years in the future of space science.

On his Cosmic Log, Alan Boyle investigates claims from a Spanish company that recently announced they’ll be launching a space hotel by 2012.

NASA updates its climate data, correcting a mistake, and the global warming deniers go bonkers. My Wired Science teammate Brandon Keim has a great look at the controversy.

And finally, the 16th Carnival of Space has been posted live over at the advanced nanotechnology blog.