Astrosphere for August 6th, 2007

Today’s astrophoto is supplied by forum member andyschlei. It’s a great photo of M13, the great globular cluster in Hercules. The photo was taken using a C-11 telescope, with a total exposure time of 37.5 minutes.

You’ve heard about the dust devils on Mars, but they’re actually much larger than even tornadoes here on Earth. The Stars My Destination has some diagrams to show us a sense of scale.

Is it a star or a planet? Centauri Dreams has a story about a brown dwarf planet.

Now this is cool, Carl Zimmer is collecting images of science related tattoos. Show him your ink.

Have you heard? Queen guitarist Brian May turned in his PhD thesis in astrophysics… or was it astrology? Thanks to DaveP for the catch.

Did you know there are 13 telescopes perched atop Mauna Kea? Astroprof breaks them all down for us.

Sentient Developments has the transcript of a speech about the Fermi Paradox. Wondering where the aliens are gives a few clues about the future of humanity.