Observing Wow! 28 Moon Pictures Captured In A Single Collage

We think of the Moon as a grey and unchanging world, but throw in the effects of Earth’s atmosphere and orbit and you get some really cool effects. It can look yellow or red or almost blue. It changes from a full disc to a crescent and back again. It gets bigger and smaller as the Moon drifts forward and backward in its orbit. Sometimes it’s even eclipsed.

Remarkably, one photographer has captured many of these moods in a single collage. The picture above from David Blanchflower was recently posted to the Universe Today Flickr pool, showing images between March and October 2014.

“All from Newcastle upon Tyne with a Nikon Coolpix L810 Camera,” Blanchflower wrote. “One of the pictures was taken with the aid of a telescope (Sky-Watcher Explorer 200P). They show a variety of colours and phases.”

We’d love to see your shots of the moon as well, so please feel free to contribute to the Flickr pool. Posting a picture means we could use it in a future story.

By the way, we have used Blanchflower’s work before in this recent collection of SuperMoon photos.