Endeavour Cabin is Leaking Air

Here’s another little bit of NASA bad news; let’s heap it on with the rest. Shuttle workers are trying to track down the source of an air leak on the space shuttle Endeavour that’s above acceptable limits. The problem was first discovered a few days ago, and engineers thought they’d tracked down the faulty nut. But even after tightening that nut, the cabin was still losing pressure.

This is a problem since Endeavour is supposed to blast off for the International Space Station at 7:02 pm EDT on August 7th. If they can’t trace the leak down quickly, it’ll push the mission back in an already crowded launch schedule.

If everything does go smoothly, Endeavour’s STS-118 mission will deliver cargo, spare parts and a new truss segment to the International Space Station.

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  1. wot about some coloured smoke to find leak
    why not ask some sub mariners,they will know

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