Universe Today Wins a Parsec Award for the Guide to Space

As you might know, a few of us were attending Dragon*Con this weekend in Atlanta, where the Parsec Awards are held every year. Astronomy Cast has been up for a nomination every year, but we’ve always lost out to other folks like Star Talk and Planetary Radio.

Well, this year, we took a different tack and submitted our Guide to Space video series for the Fact Behind the Fiction category… and we won!

A big thanks and congratulations to my video co-creator, Jason Harmer as well as everyone else who has helped us write, edit, produce and shoot these videos: Susie Murph, Brian Koberlein, Chad Weber, Scott Lewis, Kevin Gill and Elizabeth Howell.

7 Replies to “Universe Today Wins a Parsec Award for the Guide to Space”

  1. Just. AWE-some, Fraser et al! Fraser, you lead a truly special life! I know space journalism and scientific outreach are two of your most treasured passions and to be just SO. DAMNED. SUCCESSFUL at BOTH!! Grats to you and the web you so deftly weave… 😉

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