Universe Today Videos Are Now Available As Podcasts

As you’ve probably seen, we’ve been releasing our Guide to Space videos on Universe Today for the last 9 months or so. We’ve been using YouTube, but lots of people have asked for a downloadable, podcastesque version that they can download automatically to their portable device.

We’ve gone ahead and fulfilled your request, uploading all our videos to archive.org, and then made the podcast feeds available for subscription or though iTunes. We’ve got a full video feed and then a full audio feed, so you can get the shows you want, how you want them.

Currently, we’ve only put up the shorter Guide to Space videos, but once we feel this is under control, we’ll add the other shows, like the Weekly Space Hangout and the Virtual Star Party. We’re going to try implementing categories, so you only download the shows you want.

As always, we’d really love your suggestions and feedback.

Here are your links:

A big thanks to our producer Susie Murph for making this happen.

3 Replies to “Universe Today Videos Are Now Available As Podcasts”

  1. How come when I click on the Video or Audio RSS links above, I just get message saying” ERROR. No associated application could be found.”

      1. Thank you very much Fraser for sorting that out for me so quickly. I use iTunes as my catcher, so just went File/Subscribe etc and worked perfectly!
        Thanks again

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