Astronomy Cast Ep. 325: Cold Fusion

The Universe is filled with hot fusion, in the cores of stars. And scientists have even been able to replicate this stellar process in expensive experiments. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could produce energy from fusion without all that equipment, and high temperatures and pressures? Pons and Fleischmann announced exactly that back in 1989, but things didn’t quite turn out as planned…

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8 Replies to “Astronomy Cast Ep. 325: Cold Fusion”

  1. Why are you saying that hot fusion is “working” when it has not produced a single watt of excess energy? Why say that hot fusion is clean when the walls of the chamber will become franken-matter because of the hot fusion.

  2. It is producing kW of energy, not far (but not yet) industrially.

    You should update you data with data posterious to 1991, avoid wikipedia which is locked by Josuah Cudes and clones.

    start from that executive summary

    and that very well written article questioning whether LENR devices are real :

    the level of misinformation in tha domain is fascinating. It make me fall in love with Roland Benabou theory of Groupthink, with Taleb philosophy, and Thomas Kuhn epistemology. and by the way I heard how far can go somatoparaphrenia to deny evidences.

    best regards, and good struggle reading. It should take few month for you. read the links, google the stories… all said is backed by public documents – some will make you faint, so please sit, and take a vomit bag.

    Not surprising if you have read some real sscience history, Thomas Kuhn, Taleb… no conspiracy, just emergence of groupthink and mob violence.

  3. Tedious and ignorant.
    One claim you make, that $100k/year is going into LENR research, proves how out of date you are. There are at least 3 companies that have raised >$3m in 2013. Work also continues at big companies like STMicrosystems, Toyota, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Then there are the national labs who keep it going at a low (for them) level and NASA. You are off by a factor of at least 20.

    Just because you think highly of yourself is no reason to talk about an area of science you have no expertise in. As particle physicists and astronomers you may think you know everything, but quantum mechanics in solid state materials is out of your depth. Like high-temperature superconductors, which physicists cannot explain analytically or with simulation, LENR is a coherence effect. See Hagelstein’s “Spin Boson Polarity with Losses.”

    We probably do see LENR in astronomy- it is likely why the Earth has too much Helium in the atmosphere to be explained by other known reactions, and why the solid core releases too much heat for other known reactions.

    Researchers at SRI now have simple “exploding wire” experiments that are 100% replicable with “bomb-calorimetrey” so simple even a physicist can understand it.

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