Redesigning Universe Today

You might have noticed, I’m starting to implement my new design for Universe Today into the website – folks reading the newsletter have seen this for a few weeks already. What I’m hoping is that this new design is simpler and cleaner, and lets you get to the news with less distractions. I’ve made the text a little larger to go with the bigger pictures, and put a big list of the last 30 articles over onto the right-hand side of the page, so you can see what’s on the site at a glance. It has less advertising… for now. It’s also much easier for me to maintain. Most of the site has adopted this new look, but I still have lots of copy-pasting to do to get everything fully going, so you’ll see the old site peeking through here and there. I’m also going to be tweaking it endlessly, so things will continue to shift and change.

Please give me any feedback, suggestions or let me know if you find any bugs. You can always email me at [email protected]

Fraser Cain
Publisher, Universe Today