Weekly Space Hangout – October 11, 2013: Government Shutdown, Juno Flyby, ISON Update

After last week’s non-episode, the Weekly Space Hangout roared back to life. We had big news on the Government Shutdown, the Earth flyby from the Juno spacecraft, and a big update on Comet ISON.

We also had a special guest, author and journalist Lee Billings, who was here to talk about his newest book, Five Billion Years of Solitude. Lee talked about his work on the book, and the state of extrasolar planet research in general.

Here was the team:

Host: Fraser Cain

Panel: Casey Dreier, Nancy Atkinson, Amy Shira Teitel, Jason Major, and David Dickinson

Special Guest: Lee Billings


Government Shutdown Continues
Juno Flyby
Triple Transit on Jupiter
Death of astronaut Scott Carpenter
45th Anniversary of Apollo 7
Update on Comet ISON
Iranian Space Cat May Fly
Strange Cloud Seen From the Station

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