Virtual Star Party – September 22, 2013: Jupiter and the Moon in HD

Finally, we had clear skies for a terrific Virtual Star Party. Match this with the amazing new high-definition resolution of Google+ Hangouts on Air, and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Astronomers joined us from the West Coast, the East Coast and even Europe.

But the technology gods wouldn’t let these gifts go unpunished. Almost every one of the astronomers wrestled with some kind of technical gremlin.

But if you want to see the Moon and Jupiter in high definition, this was the star party to watch.

Host: Fraser Cain

Astronomers: Gary Gonella, Mike Phillips, Roy Salisbury, Chris Kennedy, John Kramer, Andrew Dumbleton

We have a Virtual Star Party every Sunday night on Google+ when it gets dark on the West Coast. Currently, that’s about 8 pm Pacific / 11 pm Eastern. We’ll broadcast a live view of the night sky from multiple telescopes across the world.

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