Weekly Space Hangout – September 13, 2013: Voyager is Out, LADEE Launches (a Frog), Asteroid 324 Bamberga

Once again, we have gathered together the forces of space journalism to report on the big news stories of the week. And there were lots of big stories indeed, with the launch of NASA’s LADEE mission to the Moon, and the awesome fact that Voyager 1 has totally left the Solar System.

Host: Fraser Cain

Journalists: Amy Shira Teitel, Nicole Gugliucci, Matthew Francis, David Dickinson, Nancy Atkinson

Frog Launches with LADEE
LADEE Launch Trajectory
Asteroid 334’s Close Approach
Voyager Has Left the Heliosphere
New Comet Lovejoy Discovered
Lots of Globular Clusters

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