Virtual Star Party – August 4, 2013

It’s Sunday night, and that means it’s time for another Virtual Star Party. This week we had an action-packed episode, with a full house of astronomers. Thanks to relatively clear skies across North America, we had 7 telescopes broadcasting the night sky.

We were also joined by Kevin Nelson, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Quantum Scientific Imaging. This is the company that makes high-end CCD cameras that many of our astronomers use. Kevin stuck around for the entire show, showed off a few cameras and answered questions from both inside and outside the Hangout.

We were also joined by a new astronomer, Darryl Van Graal, who was taking wide-field shots of the Ontario skies, hoping for a meteor or an aurora. No luck. 🙁

Hosts: Fraser Cain and Scott Lewis

Special Guest: Kevin Nelson

Astronomers: Gary Gonella, Stuart Forman, Roy Salisbury, Bill McLaughlin, Mike Phillips, Darryl Van Graal, and Chris Elliot.

There were just too many images seen to even provide a partial list. We saw the Ring Nebula, Dumbbell Nebula, Cocoon, Lagoon, Triffid, Eagle, star clusters, galaxies… and so much more.

We gather together every Sunday night on Google+ when it get dark on the West Coast to hold the Virtual Star Party. If you’d like a notification for when it’s happening, make sure you subscribe to the Universe Today channel on YouTube.