Virtual Star Party – July 14, 2013

We’re going to try a new experiment with the Virtual Star Party this week. I’m going to post the video live on Universe Today as we start it up. Join us live here, or watch the archive after.

Hosts: Fraser Cain, Scott Lewis

Astronomers: Cory Schmitz, Gary Gonnella, Chris Elliot

This week we had two active telescopes, from Cory Schmitz and Gary Gonnella. We did a quick tour through the nebula region of the Milky Way, making stops at the Ring Nebula, Dumbbell Nebula, Veil Nebula, Lagoon Nebula, Triffid Nebula, a couple of star clusters and even a galaxy.

If you want to join the Virtual Star Party live, we broadcast every Sunday night when it gets dark on the West Coast of North America. For July 21st, it’ll probably be 9:00 pm PDT/12:00 am EDT. But we’re much earlier in the Winter.

P.S. We’re always looking for new astronomers to join us. If you’ve got a telescope that can broadcast images to your computer, and you’d like to participate, please drop me an email at [email protected], and I’ll help you get set up.

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  1. Come in! It’s a fine stellar party!
    We hope that you’re feeling quite hearty.
    As upwards we gaze,
    The whole cosmic maze
    Won’t wait for the ones who are tardy.

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