It’s Cassini in Motion: Watch the First Teaser for “In Saturn’s Rings”

It’s been 9 years (to the day, in fact) since the Cassini spacecraft first entered orbit around Saturn and ever since it has been sending a steady stream of incredible images from the ringed planet back to Earth, bridging the 900-million-mile distance with countless wonders and groundbreaking discoveries. The views Cassini has provided us of Saturn and its family of moons are unparalleled and unprecedented, but something one could remain in want of is the element of motion: Cassini’s cameras are designed to capture still images, not true video, and thus most of our best views of Saturn are static shots.

That’s where filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren and his current project, “In Saturn’s Rings,” comes in.

An award-winning filmmaker, musician, and photographer (and self-confessed übergeek) from South Africa, Stephen van Vuuren has spent the last several years compiling hundreds of thousands of images acquired by Cassini — as well as other exploration spacecraft — into a single high-definition feature film, one that will allow viewers to experience the beauty, grandeur, and reality of the Solar System like never before.

“In Saturn’s Rings” (formerly “Outside In”) is slated for release in IMAX theaters, planetariums, and museums in the spring of 2014 — and the first official teaser trailer is below, released today. Check it out (or visit the YouTube page to watch in original, eye-melting 4k high-resolution):

“‘In Saturn’s Rings’ is a film that’s both personal and universal, experimental and sincere, science and spirit , non-narrative and documentary. The goal is to use large screen imagery, synchronized to powerful but moving music, to create an experience for those who see it, hear it and feel it.”

– “In Saturn’s Rings” official website

This is one film that I’ll be eagerly looking forward to over the next few months, without a doubt!

Read more on van Vuuren’s official film site here, and check out a full minute of film footage (originally released in 2011) on Vimeo here. Also, you can keep up with updates on the movie’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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  1. Rotating the still camera POV over and over again doesn’t seem all that exciting to me.

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