New Podcast Series: Space Stations

Sometimes a trilogy needs four parts! The Astronomy Cast team of Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay have taken a look at the history and modern era of space stations, as well as peering into the future at some space station concepts still in the works. You can listen to this four-part series at the Astronomy Cast website, or at the links below:

Ep. 296: Space Stations, Part 1 — Salyut and Skylab

Ep. 297: Space Stations, Part 2 — Mir

Ep. 298: Space Stations, Part 3 — International Space Station

Ep. 299: Space Stations, Part 4 — Future Space Stations

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And the podcast is also available as a video, as Fraser and Pamela now record Astronomy Cast as part of a Google+ Hangout. You can see their latest Hangouts at the Astronomy Cast YouTube page. They record most Mondays at 18:00 UTC (3:00 PM EDT, 12:00 PDT) at Google+.

5 Replies to “New Podcast Series: Space Stations”

  1. (This is no slam against Podcasts or UT, just stating an opinion which is only my own)

    As a person who reads at supersonic speed, I find podcasts frustratingly slow to listen to.

    1. Try listening to them in bed. It’s a great way to unwind before going to sleep.

      If i listen to them while ‘alert’ at work, i find myself tuning out and having to rewind.

    2. Do the people around you talk any faster than a normal discussion [podcast] pace?!

    3. Podcasts are really great when you have to do stuff that needs your attention.
      Like driving your car, walk in the streets, on the train, even doing your job or hobby. Reading on the other hand requires your full attention.

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